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Bachelor Degree Study with Conditional Bridge Admission

What if I meet all the academic requirements for admission but my English score is really low? What if I need to study English before starting my degree program?

At UB, we offer an intensive conditional admission program designed to improve your English skills before you start your bachelor degree course work in your first semester.

If you have a very low English proficiency score, you may be admitted to UB with Conditional Bridge Admission. After you successfully complete the Intensive English Program, you may begin your regular degree studies.

Conditional Bridge Admission is available to both freshman and transfer students.

English requirements for Conditional Bridge Admission

Conditional Bridge Admission may be offered if you do not qualify for Standard Admission or Standard Admission with language support. Each case is reviewed individually and in conjunction with other criteria (grades, academic performance, personal essay, etc.).

In order to meet the conditions of this admission you will be required to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Improve your English

If you are offered Conditional Bridge Admission, you will first study in UB’s English Language Institute Intensive English Program (one to two semesters).

Step 2: Begin your studies

After you successfully complete the non-credit Intensive English Program, you will then be permitted to begin credit-bearing degree study in the next regular semester (fall or spring semesters; initial summer study is not permitted).

Step 3: Take one more English improvement course

In your first semester, you will be required to register for and successfully complete at least one additional English course. You will be limited to enrolling in a total of four courses.

Upon successfully completing these requirements, you will have no further conditions.

Students who do not successfully complete these requirements may be required to repeat the semester with the same conditions. Students who still do not meet the requirements in a repeated semester may be dismissed from the university.

Application process for Conditional Bridge Admission

Complete the regular UB Application Form for International Undergraduate Applicants. The UB admissions counselor will determine if Conditional Bridge Admission is required.

A separate application for the UB Intensive English Program is not required.


If you are admitted to UB with Conditional Bridge Admission, your degree studies may require one or more extra semesters at the regular cost. If you are required to take a summer session, this may add $5,000 to $7,000 to the first year of study.

Conditional Bridge Admission I-20

If you are admitted to UB with Conditional Bridge Admission, the university will issue one I-20 for both the academic degree program (your intended major) and for the bridge Intensive English Program.

Typical scores for Conditional Bridge Admission

Below are typical score ranges that may be considered for Conditional Bridge Admission. These are not absolute scores; each case is evaluated individually as described above.




65 to 69

with no section below 10


500 to 522

with no section below 45


5.5 – 6.0

with no subsection score below 5.0

PTE Academic


with no subsection score below 40


Admission not offered


Admission not offered


Admission not offered


Admission not offered

Cambridge English

Admission not offered


Admission not offered

AS Level or A Level

Admission not offered

  • Scores must be less than two years old at the time of admission; older scores will not be accepted.
  • Official scores must be sent directly to UB from the testing agency.
  • Copies may be submitted for initial review.

Other admission requirements

In addition to meeting these English language requirements, you will also need to demonstrate your academic proficiency for admission to the university.

Freshman or transfer status has a strict definition which is based upon the facts of your educational background.

What is a freshman?

  • You have never studied or enrolled in any college / university or postsecondary studies after completing secondary school.
  • You are a freshman even if you have “advanced standing” for which you may receive university credits. This includes A Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP).

What is a transfer?

  • You have completed secondary school and you subsequently enrolled or studied one or more subjects in a college or university.
  • You may or may not have passed the class(es); you may or may not have earned university credit for the class(es); you may or may not have changed your major or stopped studying because you did not like your major.
  • If you engaged in any study in a college or university, you must apply as a transfer applicant; you cannot “choose” to be a freshman.

Still not sure if you are a freshman or transfer? Take this test.

If a minimum of one item in statement 1 and all of statement 2 is true, then you are a freshman applicant. Otherwise you are a transfer applicant.


STATEMENT 1:   A minimum of one item must be true.

A.  I am currently studying in high school (secondary school).

B.  Even though I am not in high school, I am studying a secondary school curriculum.

C.  I have completed high school.




STATEMENT 2:   This statement must also be true.

I have never enrolled in or studied at a postsecondary institution after completing secondary school.


Both are true?  You will apply as a Freshman.

Any part not true?  You will apply as a Transfer.