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Pay Your Application Fee Online

You are now ready to pay your $50 UB International Application Fee.

IMPORTANT: Read before starting payment

Do not pay your fee here if you will or have used the online SUNY Application system or the Common Application system; you will pay them directly.

If you choose to use our short paper application form and pay the application directly to us:

  1. Complete the UB International Application.
  2. Then pay the application fee through this secure website.
  3. After making payment, you will receive confirmation of payment by email. Print the confirmation email receipt.
  4. Send a copy of the receipt email with your application form. You can email the application form and application fee receipt to our office. If you choose the slower method of mailing them, you can mail both the application form and application fee receipt to our office.

Note: Application forms received without payment of the application fee will not be processed.

This site is a secure site. We strive to protect your information and keep it safe. Your personal information will not be stored online. Your credit card information will be collected directly into a secure bank site. We will never ask for private or sensitive information (such as Social Security number, bank account numbers, etc.).

No other payments can be made here; do not attempt to pay graduate application fees, tuition deposits, housing deposits, express mail / courier shipping fees, and university tuition and fees here.