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How to Apply to the University at Buffalo

You’ve done your homework, and you know that UB is one of the top public research universities in the country. We invite you to apply and see for yourself how exciting, fulfilling and affordable your educational journey can be!

Here are the steps to complete the application process:

Step 1: Choose your application

You can apply using any of these methods, but only choose one! Carefully follow the instructions on the application that you choose, and then your information will be sent to the Office of International Admissions.

Step 2: Prepare your documents for scanning

You will submit all your documents to UB electronically. We encourage you to collect and scan all the necessary documents as early in the application process as possible, even before you apply. Save them on your computer to then use during Step 3.

More information about the documents you need:

No scanner? No problem!

If you are unable to provide electronic versions of your application materials, you can opt out of SMART (electronic) processing. Just contact us after your application has been submitted and we will do a traditional paper review of your application. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same processing times if you do not use our online form. Paper processing may take 2–3 months.

Step 3: Upload your documents to UB's online SMART form

Get SMART, go paperless!

Using the SMART form makes the application review process so much faster!

Once our office has received your application, we will send you two confirmation emails. These emails will include your personal login, password and link to the online Supplemental Self-Managed Application Reporting Tool (SMART) form, where you will upload and submit all your application documents.

Use your login and password to access the SMART form online. Follow the instructions carefully and upload each of the required documents into the appropriate field.

When all of your documents have been uploaded to SMART, submit the form.

Recommendation Letters

Your teacher's can mail us your recommendation letters directly:
Office of International Admissions
University at Buffalo
17 Capen Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

Step 4: Your application review

We will make a decision on your application 10-15 days after you have submitted the SMART form online. You will be notified by email once a decision has been made.


Sometimes documents are missing from your SMART form or admissions counselors have additional questions. If this happens to you, you will get an email that will give you specific instructions about what you need to add to your application. This is called a “reset.” Once you have updated your documents, you must resubmit the SMART form. Then the application review process will begin again.

Step 5: Collect your final documents

Like most students, you probably applied to UB while you were still taking classes in high school, or when you were at another college or university. In order to finalize your admission, our office will need to see the final grades from these classes.

Don’t worry, you do not need to mail anything to us.

We will tell you what we need you to bring in the Provisional Sheet included in your I-20 Welcome Packet that you will receive approximately 10-15 days after paying your tuition deposit. Bring the specified documents with you when you come to UB during orientation week. You will have the chance to drop them off directly to the admissions counselors in our office.

Be Honest

When you apply to the University at Buffalo, you must be honest at all times. Be sure that all documents and information that you submit with your application are correct and accurate. You are responsible for everything that is submitted with your application, even if someone else helps you to complete it.


Withholding or omitting information and documents or giving false information may make you ineligible for admission, subject to dismissal and/or be ineligible for transfer credit.