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Work while you work, play while you play

By Devashish


One question that definitely bugs a majority of international students is "How and Where can we work on campus"? And the answer to that is very simple: "However and wherever you want"

Now this may sound lackadaisical of me but in fact, once you figure out what the general requirements of different jobs are and what their hiring process is, you can easily find something that you like doing and work on campus.

A lot of international students work in campus dining, as student assistants in various offices, as teaching assistants/research assistants, RAs (Resident Advisers) or in UB Information Technology.

Just because you're international, don't for a second think that you cannot work on campus. International students are allowed to work a maximum of 20 hours week on campus (they cannot work off-campus, unless they have the proper authorization  (you'll learn about this during your orientation)). All departments and offices on campus hire international students, so you have more than ample opportunities.

Getting a job is not difficult, but it requires slight planning and effort on your part. First of all, you would need a resume. A resume can highlight some of the things you've done or any part time work during your high school. It doesn't need to be extensive; a simple one generally does for on campus jobs.

Then you need to figure out what kind of a job you would potentially like to do and reading about what the minimum qualifications are for that particular job. For example, there are no specific pre-requisites for working with campus dining and food but you need to have taken a particular course and gotten a high grade to be able be a Teaching Assistant for that course. Talking to your friends who work a particular or Resident Adviser or Academic adviser on your floor (if you live on-campus) can be a great way to learn more about different jobs on campus.

Once you've shortlisted a few jobs based on eligibility and interest, you need to apply to them. Again there are quite a few methods of doing this, but the three easiest methods are:

1. Dropping off your resume in person to the office/department you want to work in. This gives you a chance to meet with others working there and look around the office.

2. Applying online using handshake (It's an online job portal for UB students. You will learn more about this during your time here)

3. You can also ask your friend who presently worked or previously has worked there to refer you. This is sometimes the best way to get a job.

Once you have started working, you will also start getting paid (which is pretty sweet). Depending on how many hours you work and how much you get paid, you can fairly easily manage your personal expenses with your part time salary. I have been able to go on some short trips to Miami and Washington DC without having to ask money from my parents at all. Most jobs on campus pay minimum wage, i.e. $10.40 per hour, so if you work 10 hours a week, you can make around 100 dollars.

The best part about working on campus is you get to make new friends. We ambassadors not only work together, but also are great friends and hang outside of work.

So working on campus definitely has a lot of perks, just remember not to overwork yourselves ;)


University at Buffalo- The Perfect Fit

By Liesel


Liesel and the organizing team for UB Hacking

My name is Liesel and I’m an international student from Kathmandu, Nepal. When I was applying to colleges, it was really important for me to find a college of quality and good value. UB was the perfect fit. There are so many opportunities students can take advantage of every single day at UB and that’s probably why I’m happy that I came here. I received a scholarship from UB, which was definitely one of the key factors while deciding on a college. UB tries to help out as many students as they can by providing scholarships to international students. My advice for students who rely on scholarships would be, apply as early as possible and if you need something, ask!! 

I came to UB as an undecided major, ready to explore a bunch of different fields that interested me. I took an introductory Computer Science course freshman year and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to major in it. What I like about the CS department at UB is that they provide a lot of resources for students to succeed. We frequently have a lot of great speakers from the industry coming in, have company visits, an annual hackathon, a lot of student run clubs and a great pool of faculty.

I’m involved in a club called UB Scientista, which is a student run club that empowers women in technology. We are building to create a strong community of women in CS at UB through workshops, tech talks, social events and conferences. Although I only joined Scientista during my junior year, I really wish I had joined Scientista or any other club right from freshman year. Joining a club will give you so much exposure and opportunities that you probably won't find elsewhere. It'll give you a head start on your career. It's almost like anywhere else you would have to chase after opportunities, but in clubs, you are literally handed out opportunities ready to go. There are multiple clubs for almost every major at UB. You can also start your own club if you want to!

For all the incoming freshman reading this, I really hope you enjoy college as much as I have and take full advantage of the all the amazing resources provided here at UB right from the day 1!!


UB Scientista E-Board

UB students at the Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando, Florida

My Trip to Osaka

By Hwan


One of the many merits in attending UB is that you can be friends with people from all around the world. Having friends all around the world is a great advantage when you decide to travel around. In my case, I travelled Osaka for a week and my Japanese friends from UB helped me out a lot. I was a little worried because I did not have time to plan out the trip in detail. But once I got to Japan, I realized that I had nothing to worry about because my friends already knew where to go and what to eat. So here, I am introducing you some good places in Osaka that you should definitely visit. 

Dotonbori: This is a downtown of Osaka where all the good foods are at. It is one of the principle tourist destinations in Osaka. Here you can find great sushi places, Ramen places, takoyaki places. You should definitely try out Kamukura ramen. It’s the place that serves best ramen in Osaka to my taste. I think I spent about one third of the time of the whole trip around this place.

Universal Studio: You might think that all the Universal Studios around the world is pretty much the same. However, in Osaka’s Universal Studio, there are many thrilling roller coasters that American Universal Studios’ do not have. It’s like Universal Studio added to Six Flag.

Osaka Castle: It is a castle known as one of the most famous landmark in Japan. I have visited this castle when I came to Osaka last time so I did go there. It was reconstructed after the WWII and the inside is now used as museum. So if you are interested in the history of Japan, it is a place that you should definitely visit. 

Hope you guys make a lot of friends from all around the world in the international Orientation that will be held after two weeks. Be excited and ready for your new life in Buffalo!!!  

Experience the Taste of Buffalo

by Xingchen


To be honest I didn’t do much this summer besides chilling at home to read, however, if you must ask me something I did special past month, I would say it was participating “Taste of Buffalo”. This is the largest of two-day food festival in the United States. There were over 55 restaurants and 5 wineries from West New York’s best restaurants, and you can taste all of them by simply purchasing tickets.

Two of my favorites were BW’S Barbecue and Nick Charlap’s Ice Cream. I just can’t forget how good the taste was and decided go to their restaurant in the future, and I think this is the most successful part of this events. People would get to know some new food places in Buffalo, and this is much better than restaurants to spend numerous money on digital advertisement but they could never show costumer the smell and flavors by internet or television.

This annual event is presented by TOPS, and next one is on July7-9, 2018. I recommend people who are interested in this event should try to go there as early as possible. Because there are thousands and thousands of people join it, and it takes a little while to walk around all of them. Also, some of popular restaurants are very likely to run out of their signature dishes in the afternoon, and this happens to me too.

Ice Cream from Nick Charlaps

BBQ from BW's

What I did Over The Summer When I Wasn't Studying

By Duojia


Summer is the perfect time to recharge and prepare yourself for the upcoming school year. As a rising senior, I committed to a full time summer internship with Rainbow Apparel Corporation in New York City, as Accounts Payable Intern. Working full time is different from being a full time student.

This is what my typical weekday like:

Every morning, I have to leave my house by 7 am to get to work by 8:30am. Yes, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to commute one way by public transportation. Total is 3 hours every day on the road. It is not uncommon to commute such a long way for a New Yorker, travelling from borough to borough in NYC usually takes about one hour. (I live in Queens and my company is in Brooklyn). When I arrive my office, I report to my manager and get my new assigned projects. I can take a lunch break for 1 hour whenever I feel like it, and leave at 5:15pm.Sometimes I decide to work out in the gym after work. (My company provides free gym access!) It really helps me to release all stress / tension from working the whole day!

Weekends are a bit more colorful, I like to catch up with my friends on Friday after work.

 My weekend starter pack: Food, food and food. If food cannot make your happy, I do not know what else can. At least I do not know…. My weekend is predominately consist of food and friends. Here are some of the pictures I took: 

 I also attended a networking event “Intern Queen Party” with my friends in this summer, where I get to listen to professionals sharing networking/ internship tips with college students.

Enjoy you all enjoy the rest of the summer!


Making the Most of Your Freshman Year

By Devashish


Devashish and Friends

Now this may sound like nostalgic musings of an old man (I’m in my last year now, so please humor me for some time), but the fact is, it’s not every day that you get to be part of one of the best universities in the States and you should make the most of your time here. Even though there is no cookie cutter method for this, there are a few things you can keep in mind in your 2-4 years here.

Be Ready to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Now I understand every one of you is coming from completely different backgrounds and upbringings, but now is that time to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. Orientation will be the best time to do this: you will meet people from all over the world. Say hi to the person right next to you. Have a conversation, try to learn more about them and be ready to share about yourself too. See a cute guy/girl? Go say hi? Have questions for your orientation leaders? Go ahead and ask. The point is: everyone here is extremely friendly and helpful; all you have to do is say hi.

Be Good Friends with your Professor

So this may seem obvious, but trust me, it is not as easy when you are in a class of around 200 students. There are 2 great ways to become friends with your professor (in my personal opinion). Also, later in your college career, you will definitely need faculty recommendations for something or the other. Being good friends with your professor makes it easier for you to secure a good recommendation letter.

1.      Ask questions during lecture: Professors love students who are engaged and hardly any students ask questions because they get intimidated by the size, but now you know better. Ask questions, engage in conversations and definitely sit in front of the lecture hall. Your professor will know you in a week.

2.      Go to office hours. You will get to know more about these during orientation but every professor holds office hours, which means that you can just drop into his office during those times to clear your doubts and clarify any questions you may have. You can also use this time to get to know your professors more: ask them about their careers, their college life, their ambitions, their journeys. They love to talk about themselves (don’t we all ;)) and you will learn a lot of great things from them.

Join Clubs

UB has around 250 student-run clubs and organizations: take advantage of them. Get involved. Not only this gives you an opportunity to meet new people, it also helps you learn or hone new skills. For example, I am a computer science major but I am very involved in Mock Trial (it is for law students) and Consulting Club (it is for business students) and the skills I learned through these clubs eventually helped me secure the internship(s) and job that I wanted. Depending on which club you are in, you could even get a chance to attend national level conferences and compete with other schools in the country. Employers, when they review your resume, specially look at your extra-curricular activities outside your classroom, so keep this in mind.

Make Friends and Stay in Touch with Them

Now this is very important. You will meet many people during your first semester. I would highly suggest staying in touch with them. You make your closest and best friends during your first year. After that, everyone gets busy in something or the other. That is why it is important to make the most of your first year. I made the most friends in my first year here and ever since, I have stayed in touch with most of them. That way, if I ever need someone’s help or someone needs my help, we can just directly reach out to each other. In addition, staying in touch is a great way to make sure you always have someone to get food with. (Eating with someone is always more fun than eating alone)

Have Fun at Orientation

Orientation will be the time when you will be exposed to so many things about UB. Make sure that you say hi to atleast two people in every session you go to. Say hi to facilitators and do not feel shy in asking questions. Everyone is there to help you and if you pay enough attention, you will be a pro about UB and maybe could also write a blog about it (just like me :P)

Events to Take Advantage of at UB

By Liesel


Liesel at Homecoming Carnival

Liesel and her roommate at Spring Fest

I hope everyone is getting excited as there is less than a month until college life kicks off. To add to your excitement, here are a few events to look forward to this Fall.

UB Distinguished Speaker Series: Every semester, UB invites some of the most influential people from all over the world as speakers. This event is free for undergraduate students, and I urge you to please attend as many of these as possible. These are people you see on TV, read about in books and to get to hear them speak in front of you in person is such an amazing opportunity. I have attended a bunch of these myself and have left inspired every single time. Some of the past speakers include Anderson Cooper, The Dalai Lama, George Bush, Siddhartha Mukherjee, amongst many others. This year we have the brave and inspirational activist and Nobel Peace prize winner Malala Yousafzai opening off our speaker series on September 19th. Additionally, your academic department may also have their own speaker series where they bring in successful individuals in your field whom you might even get a chance to network with.

UB Fall/Spring Fest: If you love music, you will love UB's Fall and Spring fest. Again, this event is free for undergraduate students (most of UB's events are free for undergrads). We recently had The Chainsmokers, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and ASAP Rocky perform. In the past, we have also had Bruno Mars, Kanye West, Steve Aoki perform amongst many other renowned artists.

UB Homecoming Carnival: One of my favorite events by UB. It's like an amusement park, but at UB, how awesome is that? An evening filled with entertainment, rides, games, prizes, food, bonfire, fireworks, you name it. This event only happens once a year, so do not miss it. I repeat, do not miss it!

These are only a tiny glimpse of all that UB has to offer. There are going to be endless events almost every single day, so stay motivated and take advantage of all these awesome opportunities that are coming along your way soon!

Do's and Don'ts as a UB Student

By Peter


Guess what? School starts in less than a month! Yes, I know, we all love our summer breaks but going back (or starting) college can be fun too! First of all, UB is not your typical college, we have lots of activities that goes on throughout the school year. Not only that, you are in for an amazing learning experience here at UB. For those of you coming in to the U.S for the very first time, there are lots of things that you should be aware of and for this blog, I will try to make a list of do’s and don’ts in order to hopefully assist you in understanding certain things. Disclaimer: these are all based on my experience and opinions, by no means that what I tell you is the way to go.

Do – bring your favorite snack/food from your home country, you’ll miss it
Don’t – buy winter clothing’s back in your home country, this will just fill up your luggage plus it’s probably better if you buy it after you know the weather here

Do – make as many friends during your orientation, it’s the best way to meet new people since everyone is on the same boat as you
Don’t – be scared to talk to random students during orientation, they don’t bite

Do – try buffalo wings, they’re good but the flavor might be too strong initially
Don’t – eat too much, you’ll camp in your room during cold days so try to stay healthy and fit while the weather is nice

Do – attend social events and activities provided by clubs/UB, they’re all free and it’s a lot of fun
Don’t – stick with your normal friend group all the time, try to branch out

Do – sit in the front of your class, you’ll pay attention more and less likely to fall asleep
Don’t – sleep in and skip your class, each session is worth around $50 technically

Do – go skiing at one of the ski resorts when winter comes, it’s a lot of fun!
Don’t – skip the bunny hill and go up the snow lift (going down won’t be pleasant)

Do – travel around the country if you have time, there is so much more to the U.S than Buffalo
Don’t – travel around without carrying your identity

That’s all I have to say, at least what I think can be beneficial to you guys! There is definitely way more things I would suggest but list will be endless.

Remember, International Orientation starts on the 22 of August so be excited for it! Also, we have an Ambassador Picnic on the 21 so if you are here by then, look forward to meeting all of us and the rest of the new international students! Food and games will be provided so that will be a lot of fun.

See you guys soon!

Peter and Friends skiing

West Coast, Best Coast

By Hwan


Hwan biking in California

My trip to California was fascinating and totally worth all the money and time that I spent on it. I had been planning the trip for more than four months. I worked maximum hours as an international student during spring semester just to earn enough money for the trip. And three hours after I was done with my finals I was already on the plane to Los Angeles. Every place we went, every food we ate, and every people I met was brought all together to make amazing experience as a whole. In Los Angeles, the first thing I did was to try out the foods that are famous in California. However, the food that captured my taste was surprisingly a common Quesadillas in a shop that I accidently went in not all the fancy and famous restaurant that I went to. The place that I liked the most? It was not the Walt Disney Hall, not the Universal Studios, Not the Holly wood Sign, but it was a desert called Mojave which was not even in my plan originally. The night of the shooting stars, the off road ride and the camp fire were unplanned but amazing. Like this, you might find joy in a place that you never even expected. That’s why you have try out more things; more trips, more internships, more foods, more sports and more everything. Don’t waste your vacation days lying on your bed all day. You should make the best use out of it!​

Welcome to New York (City)

By Liesel


Liesel at One World Observatory in NYC 

I am spending my break in New York City this summer. To get to NYC, I took a greyhound bus from Buffalo, which was about an 8 hour drive. New York has been nothing but inspirational. Here are some of the highlights (all things touristy) of my trip so far:

Central Park- A huge urban park in the middle of the busiest city. I was only able to explore about half of the park since the park is so big. I recognized so many movie sets in the park which was very exciting. As you walk through the park, you can see artists sketching live portraits, jazz players, giant soap bubbles, horses and carriages and so much more.

The Zoo- There are five zoos in NYC, the biggest one being Bronx zoo (which btw has free admissions on Wednesdays). I went to Queens Zoo as it was the closest who where I live. The best part of the zoo was their petting zoo where you can feed and pet sheep, goats, rabbits, alpacas. 

Brooklyn Bridge- This is one of my favorite spots in NYC. I love coming here during sunset hour and simply spending an hour or so watching the golden hour in serenity. 

Food- Pizza, pizza, pizza! NYC has the best pizza I have ever had. Anywhere you go, a fancy restaurant or an inexpensive pizzeria, the pizza tastes bomb! Apart from pizza, NYC also has amazing food from different countries. So far I've tried Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Columbian and Peruvian cuisines here and they all taste so good.

A good tip to know is a lot of places in NYC offer student discounts like museums, parks, clothing stores and tech stores (if you are planning on buying a laptop for college). Also, you do have to walk a lot in NYC, so it's always a good idea to have a comfortable pair of shoes on. An average New Yorker walks anywhere between two to five miles a day. 

There is always something to do in NYC and endless places you can visit here. Make sure to visit NYC during your time at UB! 



The Most Magical Place On Earth

By Xingchen


Xingchen at Harry Potter World

When my friend and I decided on a short trip in Florida as my birthday present to myself, I didn’t really plan spending the majority of our time roaming the Diagon Allegy and Hogsmeade Village. But who am I kidding? If there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that Harry Potter is one of the most favorite thing in my life.

Some people found their dream has come true in the Disney world, and some people prefer to just laying on the beach whole day with a Pina Colada in hand. Those absolutely sound great, but if there is only one place I can choose to go in Florida that would definitely be Universal Studios in Orlando.

While it’s true that Orlando was a little bit humid in the summer, it can’t stop my excitement of enjoying all of the wonderful events and attractions. It was shocking that those people dress as same as cartoon characters in the Disney’s world in 85-degree weather, and we only went there for one day since either of us seems very passion about it. Universal Studios has several theme parks, and they contain many movies and TV features. They have plenty of rides and attractions are mixed into those movies and TV effect. No matter you are parents or children, you would find something you really enjoy there.

After a few wonderful days in Orlando, we headed to Miami. However, we were in such bad luck of choosing to go on vacation in those storm days; it stopped us enjoying the sunshine and beach time. The worse thing was that the bad weather disturbed our original plan of going to Kew West. We only made half way to the Key West and had to come back.

Speaking about the bad weather over there, the worst thing was when I flew back from Miami, and plane changed route in the middle of the air and flew back to departure location after the plane experienced a terribly unexpected turbulence. Then pilot told us that radar didn’t detect it… and this concluded my short trip to Florida. As I learned checking weather before go on next vacation is a must thing, I’m still thankful for this memorable experience and I would unquestionably go back again. 

I Know You'll Have The Time of Your Life

By Devashish


Devashish and Peter at Orientation

And no, I’m not talking about the Green Day song (even though, I can listen to that on repeat). I’m talking about a life changing experience, something that will cement the foundation of your time at UB, something that will change you from just a student to a proud BULL. Yes I’m talking about the International Student Orientation.

Now you might be thinking that Devashish is overhyping an informal event whose basic purpose is to help us register for classes and pay our fees.. THIS IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG.

Orientation is an experience and your first exposure to everything fun and important at UB. But most of all, orientation is where you’ll meet your first friends. I interacted with a lot of people during the orientation and some of them are my closest friends till date.

So you may ask, what all things are covered at the orientation; For this, I will break down the orientation schedule for you so that you have a rough idea about what your 4 days will look like.

On August 22:

Orientation Check In - Starts at 9 am and is compulsory to be present at. You'll get your name tags, attend an introductory seminar, get your UB card and UBIT login details and will be able to meet representatives from Banks and telephone companies who will help you with opening bank accounts and getting sim cards.

North Campus Tours - These will leave every 30 minutes so you'll have flexibility as to when you want to go. These tours will be in groups of 20-30 students led by 1 Orientation Leader. (Orientation Leaders are UB students who are there to help you during any point of the orientation. Think of them as second friends at UB, first, obviously, being me :P). They'll take you all around north campus. You'll be able to ask them questions about campus and whatever is on your mind.

Bank Accounts in US - This session will help you understand about the banking system in US and how to open a bank account, use the mobile app, make transactions, and necessary info.

Getting Connected to UB - This session will be led by people from the IT department who will help you connect to servers, Wifi networks, printing systems, and use all the technology inside UB. *Fun Fact* UB offers a range of free software to student, the most important being the latest version of MS Office (for both windows and Mac). They'll tell you more about it.

Police & Immigration Session - This is a compulsory session and you won't be able to register for classes if you don't attend this session. Even if you are registered for classes, you will run into problems, so please do attend this session. Also it will tell you about your visa status and what things are illegal and what are not, what kind of jobs you are allowed to do as an international student, are all covered in this session.

Welcome Ceremony - After a long day of information overload, this will be a time to feast on food and party. There will be live music, lots of food and you  will get to meet all the Orientation Leaders and staff from International Admissions and International Student and Scholar Services.

On August 23:

HUB Student Student Center - This session will be about how to register for classes, how to pay fees, how to check account activity. Very important session.

Undergraduate Academic Overview - This means that students with last name starting from A-Q will meet their academic advisers that day. You will be able to ask them questions about anything academic like majors, minors, Finish in 4 and they'll register you for your classes.

What it's like to be an international student - It's a very fun session and I would highly recommend all of you to attend it. It is moderated by a staff member and the speakers are 4-5 international students who have learnt their ways around the university. It's a very casual session where you get to ask whatever kind of questions you have, literally any kind, and the panelists share their experiences. I was on the panel last year, and it was fun.

Understanding UB rules and regualtions - This session is about University policy and rules and how to get academic integrity issues.

Keeping yourself safe - This is about keeping yourself safe from online scams, muggers. Things like personal security and awareness.

Applying for a social security card - Tells you about how to apply for social security card. You cannot get salary without social security number.

On Campus Employment - About getting on campus jobs and how to search for them.

Health and Wellness - Session about personal hygiene, health and routine to be healthy, both mentally and physically.

Health Insurance - Session about your health insurance and its details.

Twilight Fun Fest - A big party with food and outdoor activities and a dunk tank. *Spoiler Alert* I have been the star of this party since the last 3 years. So you guys need to bring your best here.

On August 24:

How to succeed at an American university - Informal discussion like What it's like to be an international student but the panelists include UB students and professors and this session is more geared towards the serious questions like how to study, how to maintain a good GPA, how to make good connections, how to get internships and things like that.

Shopping for Bargains and Shopping Trip - Session about where to find economic stuff and when to buy stuff for cheap. Trip to Walmart and nearby Wegman's so that you can buy whatever you want

On August 25:

University LIbraries - Session about how to use the technology in libraries and all the facilities that they provide.

UB Card - About meal plans, dining dollars, campus cash

UB Recreation Services - Session about fun things to do in UB

Driver and Car Registration - Session about getting NY driving license, buying or renting a car

Public Transportation in Buffalo - Well how to get around in Buffalo using public transport

Connecting with US Students - This will be another informal discussion but the panelists will be US students so you can also hear their side of the story and make some American friends. Ask them whatever you want.

Academic Integrity in US - Very very important session. Deals with plagiarism and cheating. They're very strict about it in US.

Getting Involved in UB - About extra curricular activities, clubs, research, independant projects.



So I hope this should keep you excited for a long time.

Also, there was this interview for the UB Magazine which I'm attaching a link to. These are 3 international students talking about their experience in US and UB. This was just published and has been getting a lot of commendation.

Do read it!

Well this is it from my side. I hope you’re all as excited as I am about orientation. I will see you soon and feel free to reach out to any ambassador at any point of time if you have any questions.

Go Bulls!



Orientation Volunteers 

Devashish speaking at Orientation

Photo Booth Fun at Orientation

Making The Most Out Of Your Summer

By Peter


Peter at Nashville Pantheon

We all know what time is it when it summer comes: holiday mode! Although that is very true in a lot of ways, there are various things that students do to make the most out of their summer.

Stepping into senior year has made me re-define what summer is to me. When I first started out as a Freshmen, summer has always been a time of fun, relaxation, and a brief escape from my responsibilities as a student. As time passes by, I believe that we, rising seniors, can all agree that the pressure to find a job right after graduation has never been as big as before. I know that most of you are just about to start your college career but summer is a GREAT time to not only relax or have fun, but also a time to start finding your career path and learning what you really want to do after you graduate! Believe it or not, 4 years will swing by you in no time so make sure to use it wisely!


Chattanooga, TN

Aquarium in Atlanta, GA

Peter in front of Nissan

As of right now, I am currently living in Franklin, Tennessee for the summer. I am doing an internship over the entire course of the holiday so yes, it is tiring but I really enjoy it! I think doing an internship during summer is not only a great experience, but it also allows you to meet different kinds of people from all over the country and even people from around the world; networking is definitely important. While I am doing an internship here, I also got the chance to travel around the country during weekends such as to Atlanta, Chattanooga, Memphis, and other nearby cities so it is definitely an awesome experience to see all these cities I never really thought of visiting before! One of my favorite moments during summer so far is probably my visit to Atlanta; it is a great city with an awesome selection of food and an amazing aquarium! I’ve always been fond of the Whale Shark and seeing it in person inside an aquarium is just mind-blowing.

All in all, that is my summer so far and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead as summer comes to an end but let’s not dread on that first, enjoy summer while it last! I hope that everyone can have a great summer and I hope all of you are looking forward to UB this Fall!

Semester Wrap Up

By Peter


As usual, every good thing will come to an end and I am sad to say but this blog post will unfortunately be the last of it. I can’t believe it’s May already and that means the end of the semester is coming for UB students, which includes us ambassadors. Despite all of this though, please rest assured that we are still here for you! To wrap up the semester, I just want to touch on several things so that all of you can be well informed!

First of all, if you have not noticed yet, we have a Facebook page so make sure to like it! It’s called ‘UB International Undergraduate Admissions’ and they post cool things once in a while! Aside then that, if you would like to see more of the activities that go on around UB campus, make sure to follow us on Snapchat at ‘UBuffalo’!  It is always fun learning about the school that you are going to and I personally did it a lot when I was applying to UB; it gets you excited for the upcoming semester! One of the things that I regret not doing though as an applicant is that I did not ask questions to the school so as a fellow student, I recommend that you ask your ambassador or any of us, regarding UB and its surroundings. The more you ask, the more you get!

A piece of advice for new students, make sure to be prepared for your journey to UB and Buffalo! I know it’s a long way to go but believe me; 3 months will fly by as you chill during those summer days. If possible, try doing an internship, take up a new hobby, learn a new skill, or a new language before coming to UB; it will surely help your college career by a lot! Also, don’t forget about packing necessary items that you are planning to bring to UB. I personally regret not bringing any food or snacks from back home because I thought I wouldn’t miss it; trust me, you will miss home food so might as well bring something from home! Pro tip for packing: don’t buy winter stuff back home; buy them when you arrive in UB. Winter in UB is not exactly the same as in other areas, especially if you’re from a hot area, don’t even think about looking for winter clothes. Not only will winter items stuff your luggage, it is typically more expensive too at your home country so just wait until you get here to buy your coat, boots, gloves, and other necessary items.

As a friendly reminder, remember to submit your tuition and housing deposits (if you plan to stay on campus) as soon as possible! Both are on a rolling basis but you may not get a seat in the incomign class if you delay! Look out for more information by your ambassador throughout the summer! We will still be sending you out emails so feel free to reach out to them if you have questions. Lastly, make sure to sign up for the international student orientation which is from August 22-25. This is mandatory in order for you to register for class and we are also going to be here so come meet us! It has been fun writing our blog post to share with all of you but this is not the end, we are always here for you, ready to help you!

Kayaking on Lake Lasalle 

Foam party

What To Do On Campus- When You Aren't Studying!

By Xingchen


Glow Party

University at Buffalo provides students with a plethora of on campus activities throughout the year where we can take breaks from studying. It is important to focus on your academics, but sometimes having a bit fun wouldn’t hurt! I personally love getting involved with on campus activities just because it’s always nice to know what the school offer. During the fall semester, the school organizes various events for the first week. I remember specifically the glow party that the school always plan for students during the fall semester because it was quite fun to gather with your friends and dance while spraying paint. The event lasted about two hours and I definitely enjoyed my time. In addition, there was a soccer game at the Stadium where students can watch the game and cheer for their school’s team. My favorite event was when the school decided to take us to Niagara Falls because we get to see the aesthetic scene and take pictures. Hence, the school does come up many fun activities where students can experience the college life. 

Spring Festival Concert

Fall and Spring festivals has become a thing for students here at UB. Every semester, there are music artists coming and students have to reserve their tickets online on a specific day. In my opinion, this is when most students get involved and it is just a great time to bond with your friends or anyone there.

Furthermore, when the semester comes to an end, students have to study for finals and depend on coffee to pull all-nighters. This is when Stress Management programs come in handy because you can relieve your stress by mediating and doing some yoga. If you’re a dog lover, there will be dogs so you can pet and spend time with them when you take study breaks. 

Moreover, you can explore downtown Buffalo because there are many restaurants, museums and clubs to visit. I usually go eat whenever I have time and I would suggest others to explore more. Buffalo has a lot to offer for students to experience and enjoy as well. Thus, the school itself prepares social events for students at UB to get more involved with the campus life as well as make friends through these. 

Food at Spring Festival

Food at Spring Festival

You'll Never Be Hungry Here!

By Yue


Brunch at the Dining Hall

There are SO many dining options here at UB! There is something for everyone- even the most picky eaters. We have meal plans for freshmen who are living on campus (14 or 19 meals per week plus certain amount of dining dollars). You can use your meal credits to eat whatever you want when you go to eat at buffet (dining halls). Besides dining halls, we also have retail services where you can buy food such as the late night services and the lunch in the dining halls. You can also use Dining Dollars to buy food on campus (dining halls, food courts, vending machine). We also offer kitchen on each floor, so you can cook with your friends! 

Sushi from the Student Union

Tiffin Room Meal

The Student Union is the busiest place to get lunch every day. There are salad station, sub station, grill station, and Sushi station. You can also buy Moe's and Tim Hortons there. You can buy breakfast, lunch , and dinner there. The biggest dining hall on campus (located in Ellicott Complex),  C3 is a collection of global cuisine across eight unique platforms. There are also food and dessert choices for vegetarian.  They have the best chinese food on campus! It has only breakfast and dinner. The Ellicott Food Court is located inside of Ellicott complex. You can order food at each food court. My favourite is the Mexican Food called “ Guac and Roll”. Governors Dining Hall and the Cellar are really convenient for the residents who live in in Governor's Complex. Another dining hall is Goodyear dining hall on the first floor of Goodyear building where you can use meal plan. There are also some other places like Harriman Hall and Farber Hall. Target is right next to South Campus, , so you can go grocery shopping whenever you want if you live on South! The Commons is next to the Student Union where you can find food places like Starbucks, T-shirt and accessory shops, Hair Salon etc. There are several asian restaurants as well as middle-eastern and indian cuisine. Some restaurants like China taste and Jimmy John’s are in a plaza near Rensch Rd. There are also some restaurants near South Campus such as Subways, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s, and China King etc. Check out this youtube video for more information about our oncampus dining options!

University at Buffalo Campus Resources

By Hwan


University at Buffalo is a huge school with numerous student services including nonremedial tutoring, health service, legal service, housing service, academic advising, and career service. For the campus safety, UB also offers 24-hour foot and vehicle patrol, late night bus/escort service, 24-hour emergency telephones, controlled dormitory access. Especially, the Talk-A-Phone emergency phones are located in campus parking lots, structures and open areas. This emergency phone integrates security cameras and blue LED lighting. Whenever you are in emergency and push emergency call, University police will respond to you and come to you as soon as possible.  Also when you need help in terms of billing, academic record and financial matters, you can visit Student Response center which will be at 1 Capen on ground floor starting this summer.  For the services of On-campus housing, each one of you will have a student Residential adviser that you can talk to and one residential office at each Residential hall.

For the students who want to go off-campus and hang out, buy groceries and shop, we have a Mall&Market Shuttle and Stampede Bus every Saturday. You can check-out the schedule of the bus on the link on the right: Stampede Bus& Shuttle Schedule

The service on campus that has been very helpful for me was the Center for Excellence in Writing located in 209 Baldy Hall. This is a place that offers free services for students who are seeking to develop their writing ability. You can either make an appointment online or in-person to meet one of the consultants in the writing center. When I first came to UB, my academic advisor asked me if she can assign me into an English 201 class. Back then, I had no idea how many essays that I will have to write in that class, so I just told her I will be alright. But, as I read the syllabus of that class, I realized that I will be required to write ten-page essay in that class. Since I never had a chance to write a long essay in English, I did not know where to start. Then, I found the Center for Excellence in Writing and I was lucky enough to find a consultant with an English PHD who taught me all kinds of essay skills and I could finish that class with a fine grade. Like this, help will always be given at UB to those who ask for it.

Ways to Get Involved On Campus

By Duojia


For those who have read the previous blog, probably already know that I am involved with campus living as a resident advisor and working as a International ambassador in admissions office! So where else can you see me? I also have been involved in a professional business organization on campus since my freshman year - Pi Sigma Epsilon. It's a national co-ed fraternity for sales, marketing and management. As a member, we attend regular weekly meeting, guest speaker event and do projects such as fundraising, marketing etc. to gain experience outside the class room. Beyond professional development, we also socialize like regular college students would! Every semester, brothers and pledge members go on a camping trip somewhere around buffalo for team bonding experience. That's the time to get to know prospective members and form the bond with them. It's definitely different than regular student clubs, it's a brotherhood. I feel like I have gained a family in UB.   

Although I am not a huge fan of sports and I admit that, I do not really watch/ understand many sports games, it is undeniable that UB has invested huge amount of money in sports each year. Many of you may ask what are intramural, club and Division I sports? Intramural sports programs provide students an opportunity to participate in a variety of competitive and recreational sport activities. You may encounter leagues for men’s, women’s, or mixed (co-recreational, or CoRec) teams. Most universities offer teams in traditional sports such as basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and flag football, as well as nontraditional activities such as Ultimate Frisbee, floor hockey, badminton, racquetball, and tennis. Sport clubs allow students to get together regularly to play a sport they love, though they do not meet as often or for as long as varsity teams. Sport clubs are typically managed and run by the participants themselves, including coach selection, travel, fundraising, scheduling, practices, and participant development. The sport clubs program at UB is under the management of the Undergraduate Student Association. Check out here for more information on UB sports clubs: http://www.ubbulls.com/recreation/programs/sportsclubs

If you are not into competitive sports but still want to participate in some recreational sports. UB offers a wide variety of recreational activities for our student such as 2- Hand Touch Football, basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball, indoor soccer, volleyball etc. Check out here for info on how to participate in different leagues of sports http://www.ubbulls.com/recreation/intramurals/intramuralsportsinformation


Of course, not everyone is into sports, There are so many other clubs and organizations on campus you can join to fill your spare time in UB. You may be interested in some cultural clubs where you can meet people from different countries; you may be interested in joining a professional academic clubs to advance on what you have learnt; you may be interested in learning new skills… UB has them all! If you cannot find one you like, do not forget you can always create your own club! Check out UB Linked for all the club and organizations details:  https://buffalo.collegiatelink.net/

Started From The Bottom and Now We're Here

By Devashish


I remember this time in the spring of 2014 back in India. I was done with my exams and counting days to the day I would actually arrive in US to start my new journey at UB and bugging my ambassador with questions about orientation.  Today, I think life has come a complete circle where now I’m in the ambassador’s shoes and getting to tell you all how to plan your trip and what to expect when you get here.

So it all starts with booking with your flight. Some amazing flights to travel to US are Emirtates, Etihad, Lufthansa, Air India, KLM, to name a few. Even though you can book one way tickets, it’s generally cheaper to book return tickets. Just keep in mind, book your flight all the way from your home airport to Buffalo Niagara International Airport. If you book different flights, then you might run into luggage issues. Also as a traveler to US, you can generally carry 2 suitcases of 23kg each, a carry-on of 7 kg and 1 laptop bag; some flights give extra student baggage allowance too.

Now that we’re talking about luggage, might as well talk about what to pack!

First things first, make sure to carry your original passport with the visa and I-20 with you at all times. Also carry a few photo copies of these documents with you. Definitely carry some moisturizer with you on flight because air travel generally can dehydrate your body.

As for packing, definitely pack all kinds of clothes: summer, spring, fall, winter clothes. Buffalo has all 4 seasons, so make sure you carry all colors. I would definitely suggest carrying some of your favorite food items as it may take a little time for you to adjust to the new food culture here. Carry stationary because stationary items are generally expensive here in the US.

As for your dorm supplies, you will need bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets, comforters, waste paper basket and maybe a family picture. You definitely can’t buy your family picture here (LOL) but all the other things you can easily buy here at Walmart or even order online. So travel light! You can also ship your luggage to the address you will be staying at. On campus residence halls will keep your package safely until you arrive. However, confirm with campus living before shipping anything.

Once you land at the Buffalo airport, you can easily take the airport cab to the campus. Just tell the driver the building you plan to visit or live in and they will take you right there.

Orientation Volunteers and Devashish goofing around at the Orientation Welcome Ceremony 

Orientation will be the most important four days of your college life.

Join hundereds of your classmates to form the "Human UB" during Orientation.

Orientation will be the most important 4 days of your college life. Here you will make new friends, get to know about UB and also about the US. Attendance at orientation is mandatory because this is where we also tell you how to maintain your visa status and not get deported. There is a small cost associated with orientation but that is automatically charged to your student account.

During orientation, you will attend welcome seminars, meet with people and make friends. You will also be able to open a bank account and buy a phone and/or sim card. If you’re bringing a phone from a foreign country, make sure it is 4G/LTE enabled. You will be very busy attending seminars, workshops, sessions, mixers throughout the day, but every evening, there are big parties/social events planned for you. You will be able to dunk your ambassadors and other orientation leaders into water or you could do rock climbing.  The whole idea is to get you acquainted not only to the academic and administrative side of UB, but also the fun, peppy, and amazing side.

Some of the people that you will meet at orientation will end up becoming your friends for life, so don’t miss out on this opportunity.

But I think I should stop; if I reveal too much, then I leave nothing to the imagination :) Keep dreaming, keep enjoying your summer and I can’t wait to see you soon in August.

Dunk Tank

Cimbing Wall

Ambassador Meet and Greet Cookout  

Photo Booth 

Best of Buffalo

By Liesel


Liesel showing off her snow man!

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, a city where it never snows, coming to college in Buffalo has been quite the experience for me. I had my first snowball fight and made my first snowman here at UB.

Although Buffalo is known for its snowy winters, we have been getting less snow every year. When it is cold it is icy windy cold, but during summers, it's nice and warm (and windy). I say windy because you can never wear a summer dress without having a major Marilyn Monroe moment. 

The beginning stages of building a snow man!  

There are a bunch of things you can enjoy during summers here like hiking, canoeing, apple picking. Kayaking, canoeing and paddle boating is free for UB students and staff in Lake LaSalle, which is right in the heart of UB. During snowy winters, you can go ice skating or snowboarding. UB organizes a bunch of such events at a discounted price for their students. Every winter, UB has its own little ice skating rink with renting options available too.

Liesel at Cave of the Winds at Niagara Falls. 

Beyond UB, the main attraction in Buffalo is definitely Niagara Falls. My favorite part is the Cave of the Winds tour, where you can experience the cascading falls up close and spot multiple rainbows at the same time. Also, Canada is literally on the other side of the Falls, so if you have a Canadian visa, you should definitely experience Niagara Falls from both sides. You can even visit Niagara Falls at night as every night, Niagara Falls is lit up in an illumination of colors, making the Falls look like a “fairyland”.

There are amazing food options all around Buffalo. 

Being a foodie, I love exploring different places to eat on and off campus. Buffalo has a lot of great places to eat, and most of them are priced reasonably for college students. A typical meal costs around $8 and the portions are huge! If you don’t have a very large appetite, you can pack the leftovers and save it for your next meal (#CollegeSavingsTip101).

I hope this provided some insight into just a few of the things that make UB and Buffalo great. Feel free to ask any of us what our favorite thing (or things) about Buffalo are! Check out this website for more on all the fun and exciting things happening in our city!

Traveling Around The United States As An International Student

By Peter


Peter and Friends at Universal Studios in Florida

Let’s be honest, we don’t go to the U.S just to get a better education, but to also explore and discover the world right? I personally love to travel and I can assume that most international students feel the same way but traveling can be expensive and problematic, especially as a college student. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way! There are numerous methods on how to make your travels more budget friendly and efficient so let’s start.

Before I go on, I just want to briefly introduce myself to those who don't know me. My name is Peter Pranata, a third year student majoring in Industrial Engineering. I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and I moved to the U.S to pursue my college degree here at the University at Buffalo.

One of the most exciting things that I always look forward to as a college student is thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks. I’ve been to NYC, Boston, Washington DC, California, Orlando, Iceland and lots of other places in and out of the U.S and I must say that it is awesome and worth every penny. We all love the holidays and one of the things I recommend international students do during their breaks is to travel! Not only that it’s fun, traveling is also a great way to diversify yourself and perhaps learn a few things. This coming spring break, I will be driving to DC, Philadelphia, NYC, and Boston before going back to Buffalo so it should be an exciting trip as it is my first time doing a road trip! As someone who loves to travel and has been in the U.S for quite a while, method of transportation is one of the most important things to consider when you want to travel.

Peter in Iceland 

“We all love the holidays and one of the things I recommend international students do during their breaks is to travel! ”

In the U.S, there is 3 major transportation method that students can use to get from point A to B; bus, train, and airplane. Personally, I would recommend using a bus if you’re traveling within the East Coast (Buffalo to New York City/Boston, or closer places) because it is the cheapest option and there are many companies that have student deals such as Greyhound and Megabus. It may take quite a long time to travel by bus but it will save you a lot of money. Usually UB offers a round trip ticket to and from New York City to Buffalo for $100 during winter breaks and this is honestly a pretty good deal. If you have friends that lives in NYC though, ask them if they will be driving back home and that will definitely save you a lot of money if you go with them.

Moving on to train, one of the biggest company for train transportation in the U.S is Amtrak, which offers service from almost any major city in the U.S and although their price can be similar to a bus ticket, the time it takes to get from point A to B may not be drastically different due to the frequent stops that they make at every station. If you don’t mind the transportation time though, I would definitely recommend using a train if the price is the same as a bus ticket because they are definitely more comfortable in terms of seating and service.

If you are looking to visit places that are far from Buffalo, for example California, Florida, Texas, or further states, it would be wise to use an airplane instead. There are many cheap options for air ticket such as through Student Universe. It is important to book ahead though because air fee can get really pricey as it gets closer to the date of departure so planning ahead is always a good idea. I personally book my plane tickets approximately 1 or 2 months but its better if you can book it even earlier.

New York City 

San Francisco 

Besides than transportation, accommodation is also an important topic to talk about. In the U.S, I personally don’t stay in hotels or motels when I travel rather I use Airbnb for accommodation. For those of you who don’t know what Airbnb is, it’s basically a website where you can search for apartments within your destination that can be rented out for your duration of stay and you pay the apartment owner directly through the website. This may sound odd in other countries but this is a very common website that people use here to find accommodations because it is often cheaper and more convenient compared to hotels.

For those of you who don’t know what cities are easy places to travel from Buffalo, here are some cities I suggest visiting: Toronto, New York City, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, and Philadelphia. From that list, Toronto, which is in Canada, is surprisingly the closest city to go to because we are basically bordering Canada and it only takes 1.5 hour to drive from UB to downtown Toronto (which I love).

Just to sum up, I know it’s a very long blog post but I hope you guys have a better idea on what it’s like to travel in the U.S! It’s an exciting thing to do and I strongly recommend that you guys take every chance to explore the U.S because there is so much more to the country than just Buffalo! Not only that, it is also a great way to relieve your stress from school work!

Happy traveling!

Tips and Tricks on Choosing a Major and Naviagating the UB Classroom

By Xingchen


I love the fact that UB has a numerous of majors and minors to choose from, thus it allows students to find out what they passion about. I personally have changed many majors in the past two and half years. Initially I wanted to study Business and Law. Then I was interested in a double major in Business Administration and Computer Science. Finally, I made my decision in majoring Management Information System and I would say I really love it. Throughout my years at UB I have seen a good amount of my friends changing their majors during their sophomore or even junior year so it is normal if you’re undecided now. In some cases, parents might think that it is waste of time changing major towards the end, however I strongly believe that these extra credits of courses can really benefit the students in the long run. Also, it shows that if the major courses are not something the students is interested in there is always an opportunity to switch it. 

When I first came to University at Buffalo, it was tough being away from my parents and getting used to a new surrounding. Although making new friends and having a social life went pretty smooth for me, I struggled with homework assignments and exams. It was quite overwhelmingly because I was a perfectionist, thus I wanted to make sure that I understood all the lectures and did well on exams. I remember those nights when I had difficulty understanding microeconomics because I couldn’t grasp the concept. Therefore, speaking from my own experience that one of the best advices I can give to you is going to your professor for any class you are struggling with. After I got discouraged from my first exam in microeconomics, I started going to professor’s office hours every single week to get tutored and help on homework assignments. As result, I did much better on future exams, hence I highly recommend to get help from your professors without any hesitation or even any friends who can spare their time to tutor you. 

One thing I really like about American professors is their willingness to help students. For instance, my Accounting professor wrote me a recommendation letter when I applied for a peer mentor position in MGG199 seminar class. Eventually she became my Finance professor which made me feel blessed. Not only does she cares about student’s grades but also give us her individual advice on future careers. In addition, they can provide you with lots of information about internships and job offers on and off campus.

Coming to college here is a journey of personal development and transformation. I just feel so lucky to have met inspiring faculties. I feel blessed to have such abundant resources and to be able to find unlimited opportunities. UB has such a supportive system that can help you to thrive you to become the best. That’s why you should never be afraid to ask for help here because someone will always be here to answer your questions and help with any difficulties that you might have.

UB Campus Living Experience

By Yue


Living on campus was a new thing for me at first because I’ve never lived on campus before. I live in a double on South Campus this year. Unlike some other residence halls in North Campus, my roommate and I share one bathroom with other two girls who live right next to us. As a freshman, you do not have to live on campus, but it is highly recommended because you can make a lot of new friends when you live in the residence halls, and you might meet your lifelong friends. Moreover, there are many tutor services and residents activities in the residence halls too, which you definitely want to take an advantage of. Every room is fully furnished! South campus is closer to movie theaters, Tops, Wegmans. You only need to walk 5 minutes and you can go shopping and watch movies with your friends on weekends!  

I think the coolest thing is that you get to choose who you want to live with! For example, if you have a friend and you want to be roommates you just need to write each other's UB person number when you fill out the dorm application. Pretty EASY right? Moreover, each residence hall has its own free TV and gym. It is also free to use the wash machines and the dryers in the laundry room. You will have your own RA (Resident Advisor) on your floor. If you have any questions or concerns, just go talk to them because they are always there to help.  We usually have several floor activities every week where they offer you free food!

RA floor meeting with ice cream sundaes!  

Some people may have concerns about what if you live on south and all your classes are at north campus. Actually, you don’t have to worry about the transportation because we have really convenient school bus system. You usually just have to wait every 3-5 mins during weekdays if you need to take the bus. We also have buses to go the malls and grocery stores every weekend.

I love our on campus community and recommend all students to live on-campus! Check out this youtube video about the different options of campus housing available for first year students!

Socializing at floor meetings 

Yummy ice cream sundaes!  

What Is An International Merit Scholarship and How Do I Get One?

By Hwan


I know scholarship is one of the greatest concerns for most of the international students who are coming to United States for an academic career. I believe the most frequent questions that we as ambassadors get from incoming students are the questions about the scholarship opportunities in our school. I can sympathize with that concern towards financial burden on your shoulders because I was also one of the freshman who yearned  for some more scholarships. The University at Buffalo offers scholarships in varying amounts to qualified international freshmen. Scholarship awards vary from $2,000–full tuition per academic year and are renewable for up to four years with good academic standing. The average scholarship award amount is approximately $5,500. The International Admissions scholarship may be combined with other UB scholarships.

As one of the recipients of an International Merit Scholarship, if you are one of the students who are like me in regards to scholarship concerns, you are aiming for the right school! UB encourages qualified students from different cultural backgrounds to attend UB by giving out more scholarships to international students than most of the other public schools do. This is a scholarship offered by University at Buffalo to international freshman who are enrolling in the fall semester. Transfer Students are not eligible for this scholarship. It is open to qualified students who have no course work or credits completed at a postsecondary institution.  There is no need for separated scholarship application form, additional essay or recommendation letter.  When you apply to UB, you will be automatically considered for the scholarship.  Our school applies holistic review process in awarding scholarships while GPA and test scores are the most important ones.

Affordable cost of UB and scholarship opportunities make it superb value for all students. Despite its low tuition, UB has great academic opportunities on varies fields, outstanding faculties and all sorts of services around campus!

First rounds of scholarships will be announced on March 1, so make sure to complete your applications soon if you have not already!

My experience as International Ambassador and Resident Advisor

By Duojia


There is not an explanation for everything. However, I guess UB is the best explanation for all the good things that have happened to me. 

I still remember the little freshman me: one who didn’t choose a major as a incoming freshman, the one who didn’t know what she wanted to do in her life, the one who was curious about everything, the one who wanted to get out of her comfort zone, and the one who wanted to make the best out of her 4 years in college.   

I met so many awesome people through different clubs and organizations when I was a freshman. I got to know the International Ambassador position through the former ambassador Xin Wang. Although I am not an International student but I still spent the most of my time outside the U.S. I figured why not try it. I was lucky and got this position after rounds of interview. For many students who are curious about what we do as International Ambassador, each ambassador is in contact with prospective students from certain countries. Our responsibilities are solely to assist you guys with any concern you have regarding UB. Of course, we also encourage you guys to come to UB because we know how much UB has to offer to you! This is my 3rd year working as an ambassador and I really enjoy helping students answering questions or just sharing my experiences on campus. At the same time, I have seen myself growing as a leader.


“There is not an explanation for everything. However, I guess UB is the best explanation for all the good things that have happened to me.”

Another experience I want to highlight is my Resident Advisor (paraprofessional positions) with UB campus living. It is absolutely one of the best experiences I could’ve ever asked for at UB. As an RA, you are the role model for residents; residents come to you if they have any problem. Resident Advisors also coordinate a program each month within the community, which strives to provide welcoming and inclusive environment for residents. The RA is your first go to person if you live in the dorm! The compensation for RA/CA/AA is also very eye catching as it is free housing and discounted meal. However I do not recommend anyone to apply for paraprofessional positions just for the sake of the benefits, you definitely do more than what you get paid for. DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO HELP AND ARE WILLING TO TAKE CHALLENGES.  I think being an RA is a challenging experience but the outcome is rewarding. I have met so many great people and developed my leadership, problem solving and interpersonal skills along the way.

With that being said, you probably have heard or seen many American college students (or even high school students) working part time job from your friends who are already abroad or the movie shows. So you want to work to make some pocket money for yourself while being a fulltime student at UB? Can you even work while at UB? Of course, YOU CAN! UB provides great opportunities for International Student to maximize the best college experience while you are abroad.  

There are many different places to work at UB and the jobs can range from food service to office paperwork. You can literally work at any place at UB as long as they have opening position. One of the big employers in UB that hires over 500 people each year is UB Campus dining & shop. You can probably find yourself working as a cashier/ card swiper at the front or preparing food in the back. One of our other ambassadors Liesel says “You can apply UB Campus dining & shop jobs online but It would be faster if you can just walk into the dining center and find the managers to fill out the paper applications."

Other major on campus departments that employ student assistants are: University libraries, Recreation, Intramurals, Residence Halls and Apartments, Student Union/ Student Activities, and individual departments hire Teaching Assistants. You can apply to these positions online at UB Bullseye which is powered by handshake and is a website where all the employers post the FT/ PT opening position. UB students have free access to UB bullseyes. You can also apply in person by visiting UB Career Service Center located at 259 Capen Hall to inquire further employment opportunities. International Students on an F-1 or J-1 visa are allowed to work no more than 20 hours/week and the pay is usually $9.75/hr for any on campus part time job.

I hope I answered some questions you may have had regarding working on campus. Check back next week for another post!  

Home Away From Home


  I still clearly remember those dreaded days of applying to colleges; it wasn’t long ago when I was in your shoes: taking the SATs, staying up late at night to write those personal statements and essays and googling various statistics and information about so many colleges and universities and knowing in my head that no matter how much I read about a college on the internet, I would never get to know how it’s really like until I actually land in US to attend that college and who knows how it will turn out.

  I am getting ahead of myself. I am Devashish Agarwal, a third year computer science major with a business minor here at University at Buffalo. I was born and brought up in Agra, India, which is a city in northern India and is famous for the Taj Mahal (I live 15 minutes away from that place). So you can imagine the apprehensions of a young kind coming from a not-so-big city in India, but then one fine day, I was contacted by my ambassador at UB, who not only explained me the whole process of admission at UB, but also over the time helped me to understand a lot about UB.

“Even before coming to UB, I had this personal connection and understanding with UB that I did not have with other universities. ”

  Even before coming to UB, I had this personal connection and understanding with UB that I did not have with other universities. I had applied and was accepted to universities like University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Cincinnati, Southern Methodist University and even Hong Kong University, but I decided to come to UB because of its strong international community, its great emphasis on professional and academic excellence, high rankings, its proximity to New York City, and a very decent scholarship. UB awards substantial merit-based scholarships to exceptional applicants every year. I am a recipient of the International Merit Scholarship and it really helps with the fees every semester.

  At UB, I am involved in various clubs and student organizations like Mock Trial, Undergraduate Consulting etc. What I love most about UB is that it has over 150 clubs and organizations on campus, so it is very easy to get involved.

 With the all the experience I am getting at UB, I feel that I can easily fulfil my dream of being a management consultant in the future, but I will keep you updated on that.