Getting Started

Students happy and smiling.
Congratulations on your acceptance to the University at Buffalo! There are only a few more things you will need to do before starting your studies here at UB.
This page includes some time-sensitive items that you should keep in mind while preparing to enroll at UB.
An investment in your future — that's what education is.
We have housing options for everyone that will help make campus your new home! Our comfortable, modern and affordable on-campus housing includes all-inclusive residence halls, shared academic communities and even private rooms.
Maintaining your visa and valid immigration status is critically important for international students. We can help you through this process.
UB has chosen you, and now it’s your turn to choose UB! Reserve your place at one of the best public universities in the United States.
Attending International Student Orientation will prepare you for a successful transition to UB. You will benefit from one of the most comprehensive International Student Orientation programs in the U.S.!
Now it’s time to start thinking about the “big move” to Buffalo. You have many great experiences to look forward to at UB, and planning for your trip can be just as fun and exciting. Planning carefully will also reduce any worries and make your trip more relaxed and smooth.