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Meet Your Ambassador

The International Admissions Ambassadors are UB students who are here to help you!

If you have a question about the admissions process or about UB, your Ambassador has the answer. Whether you communicate with your Ambassador by telephone or email, you can be sure that there is someone at UB to talk to!

Learn their names, where they are from, what they are studying and their favorite thing about UB.  

2016 Ambassadors


Hometown: Shandong, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English, Japanese

Major: Marketing and International Business and Social Psychology

What I love about UB: “Diversity is what I would use to describe my lovely UB. It is this word which contributes to the success of UB. Anyone who walks close to UB will like the way it is.”


Hometown: Agra, India

Languages I Speak: Hindi, English

Major: Computer Science

What I love about UB: “Over 250 clubs & organizations on campus giving ample opportunity to make friends and learn!”


Hometown: Fuzhou, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English

Major: Marketing and Management Information Systems

What I love about UB: “The diversity! I have gotten the chance to meet people from different cultures in UB and that excites me everyday!”


Hometown: Busan, South Korea

Languages I Speak: Korean, English

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

What I love about UB: "Prestigious pharmacy program and the relatively cheap tuition!”


Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal

Languages I Speak: Nepali, Newar, English, Hindi

Major: Computer Science

What I love about UB: “The amazing student life, the diversity and the events!”


Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia

Languages I Speak: Bahasa Indonesia, English

Major: Industrial Engineering

What I love about UB: “Great international student support services that make your life easier in every way! The diversity that exists here is amazing and it's easy for students to get hands on research projects from various departments.”


Hometown: Hunan, China

Languages I Speak: Chinese, English

Major: Finance, School of Management

What I love about UB: “The diversity of UB and the great amount of useful resources that UB offers to students.”

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