International Student Orientation


Learn more about the International Student Welcome Series for newly admitted students starting at UB.

On this page:

Welcome Series Schedule

Fall 2019 International Student Welcome Series schedule is coming soon.

ISS Check-in

Information is available on our New International Student Check-In page.  Remember to check out our Facebook page for information about activities hosted by ISS thorughout the year!

Immigration Session

All international students must attend the Your Role in the UB Community and Immigration Sessions.

To register for classes or make changes to your schedule, you must complete your New International Student Check-in, take any required tests (TOEFL, SPEAK), register for ESL classes (if required), submit your Health Background & Immunization Forms, receive immunizations (if required), and address any other holds on your UB Student Account (if applicable).



If you are a graduate student with a TOEFL Deferral, you must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) upon arrival and you may not register for courses until you have taken this test. The Institutional TOEFL (paper-based) test will be given on Tuesday, January 22 at 12:00 p.m. To sign up for the TOEFL, please complete your ISS Check-in before or early on Tuesday, January 22 in Knox Hall. The charge of $35 for the TOEFL will be billed directly to your student account.


You must take the Speaking Proficiency English Assessment Kit (SPEAK) before registering for classes if:

  • You have been awarded a teaching, research or graduate assistantship OR
  • Your academic department requires it

Individually administered SPEAK tests are scheduled from 12:00-1:30 on Tuesday, January 22. To sign up for the SPEAK test, please be sure to complete your ISS Check-in before or early on Tuesday, January 22 in Knox Hall early. The charge of $75 for the SPEAK test will be billed directly to your student account.

If you miss the TOEFL or SPEAK test times, your course registration will be delayed.

New Student FAQs

Arriving Late

We do not recommend arriving late to UB, however, sometimes situations occur where students are delayed in coming to Buffalo.  If you do arrive late into Buffalo, you will need to come to International Student Service to complete your ISS Check-in.

If you will arrive late, please remember to contact the Office of International Admissions ( to request a Late Arrival letter to present to the U.S. immigration officer when you enter the U.S. 

Attending Welcome Series Events

The Welcome Series sessions and activites are informative, useful, and important. During the Welcome Series, you can accomplish practical tasks like collecting your University ID card, opening a bank account, buying a cell phone and opening a cell phone account, and receiving immunizations. You will also have the opportunity to meet other students and have fun!

Last, attendance at the sessions titled "Your Role in the UB Community” and “Immigration Session" are required for all new international students. 

Welcome Series Fee

The cost of the Fall 2019 Welcome Series is $95.