Transcending Borders UB

Transcending Borders UB helps to bring together U.S. and international students through meaningful interaction and shared experiences.

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BRIDGES (Building Relationships Involving Diverse Groups of Engaged Students)

BRIDGES promotes the integration of U.S. and international students through a series of interconnected activities during one semester. The goal is for participants to develop a better understanding of and appreciation for those from culturally diverse backgrounds, establish lasting friendships through multiple, shared experiences, and strengthen UB as a globally-minded learning community.

Global Sports Day

Global Sports Day provides students with the opportunity to interact with peers and learn about new sports by participating in mini-clinics (U.S. football, soccer, rugby, cricket) and scrimmages led by student athletes.

Redefining Home Retreat

This retreat brings together study abroad participants and international students to discuss cross-cultural adjustment and strategies for success in a new environment. By sharing experiences with a new language, social norms, and food, participants make connections with one another despite their seemingly disparate journeys--and realize they have more in common than they previously imagined.

InFocus Discussion Series

InFocus brings together members of the UB community to discuss today’s hot topics. After a faculty member introduces the topic, participants engage in lively discussion about current issues.

Past Topics


  • "#MeToo InFocus: Power, Shame, and our culture of Sexual Harassment"
  • "Puerto Rico InFocus: Statehood, Storm Responses, and the Complex Relationship with this U.S. Territory"
  • "The Confederacy InFocus: Balancing History, Pride and Identity Politics in Today’s Diverse Society"


  • “Protest InFocus:  Marching, Occupying, Boycotting and Other Forms of Opposition in Today’s Society”
  • "Sexism InFocus:  Double Standards and Glass Ceilings.  How Far Have We Really Come?"
  • “Election 2016 InFocus:  Sex, Lies, Emails, and the Race for the White House”
  • “The Trump Effect InFocus:  Inclusion, Rights and Power in American Democracy”
  • “#NoDAPL InFocus:  Focusing on Indigenous Rights, Human Rights and Environmental Rights”
  • “Climate Neutrality InFocus”


  • “Immigration InFocus:  Refugees, Migrants and the Challenge of International Borders”
  • “Religious Freedom InFocus:  Kim Davis, Individual Rights and Balancing ‘Church’ and ‘State’”
  • “The Next President InFocus:  Bush?  Clinton?  Sanders?  Trump?  Who Will Be Next in the White House and Why?”
  • “Islam in France InFocus:  Discussing Assumptions and Realities and Why It Matters to You”


  • “Ferguson, MO InFocus:  The Challenge of Race, Rights, and Law Enforcement in ‘Post-Racial’ America”
  • “Ebola InFocus:  Fear, Fascination and the Global Response to Pandemics”
  • “Global Conflicts InFocus:  The Complexity of Geopolitics, Extremist Groups and Human Rights”
  • “Vaccines InFocus:  To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate”
  • “Hate InFocus:  How Race, Religion, and Class Fuel Intolerance and Murder in 'Multicultural' America”
  • “Beauty InFocus:  Too fat, too skinny.  Too light, too dark.  Too feminine, too masculine.  How do we define beauty and what are the implications?”


  • “Syria InFocus”
  • “Guns InFocus”
  • “Sexuality InFocus: The Russian Olympics and the International Battle for Gay and Lesbian Rights” 
  • “Smoking InFocus:  Cigarettes and the Challenge of Personal Rights, Public Health and Community” 
  • “Social Media InFocus” 
  • “Sustainability InFocus:  Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy”