Transcending Borders UB

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Transcending Borders UB helps to bring together U.S. and international students through meaningful interaction and shared experiences.

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BRIDGES (Building Relationships Involving Diverse Groups of Engaged Students)

BRIDGES promotes the integration of U.S. and international students through a series of interconnected activities during one semester. The goal is for participants to develop a better understanding of and appreciation for those from culturally diverse backgrounds, establish lasting friendships through multiple, shared experiences, and strengthen UB as a globally-minded learning community. For more information, log into UBLinked and search for “Transcending Borders UB”.  

Global Sports Day

Global Sports Day provides students with the opportunity to interact with peers and learn about new sports by participating in mini-clinics (U.S. football, soccer, rugby, cricket) and scrimmages led by student athletes.

Redefining Home Retreat

This retreat brings together study abroad participants and international students to discuss cross-cultural adjustment and strategies for success in a new environment. By sharing experiences with a new language, social norms, and food, participants make connections with one another despite their seemingly disparate journeys--and realize they have more in common than they previously imagined.

InFocus Discussion Series

InFocus brings together members of the UB community to discuss today’s hot topics. After a faculty member introduces the topic, participants engage in lively discussion about current issues.

Past Topics


  • "Cannabis InFocus"
  • "Activism InFocus: "Student Voices on Gun Violence Prevention"
  • "Jerusalem InFocus: Capital Convtroversy: Should Embassies be Located in Jerusalem?"
  • "#MeToo InFocus: Power, Shame, and our culture of Sexual Harassment"
  • "Puerto Rico InFocus: Statehood, Storm Responses, and the Complex Relationship with this U.S. Territory"
  • "The Confederacy InFocus: Balancing History, Pride and Identity Politics in Today’s Diverse Society"


  • “Protest InFocus:  Marching, Occupying, Boycotting and Other Forms of Opposition in Today’s Society”
  • "Sexism InFocus:  Double Standards and Glass Ceilings.  How Far Have We Really Come?"
  • “Election 2016 InFocus:  Sex, Lies, Emails, and the Race for the White House”
  • “The Trump Effect InFocus:  Inclusion, Rights and Power in American Democracy”
  • “#NoDAPL InFocus:  Focusing on Indigenous Rights, Human Rights and Environmental Rights”
  • “Climate Neutrality InFocus”


  • “Immigration InFocus:  Refugees, Migrants and the Challenge of International Borders”
  • “Religious Freedom InFocus:  Kim Davis, Individual Rights and Balancing ‘Church’ and ‘State’”
  • “The Next President InFocus:  Bush?  Clinton?  Sanders?  Trump?  Who Will Be Next in the White House and Why?”
  • “Islam in France InFocus:  Discussing Assumptions and Realities and Why It Matters to You”


  • “Ferguson, MO InFocus:  The Challenge of Race, Rights, and Law Enforcement in ‘Post-Racial’ America”
  • “Ebola InFocus:  Fear, Fascination and the Global Response to Pandemics”
  • “Global Conflicts InFocus:  The Complexity of Geopolitics, Extremist Groups and Human Rights”
  • “Vaccines InFocus:  To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate”
  • “Hate InFocus:  How Race, Religion, and Class Fuel Intolerance and Murder in 'Multicultural' America”
  • “Beauty InFocus:  Too fat, too skinny.  Too light, too dark.  Too feminine, too masculine.  How do we define beauty and what are the implications?”


  • “Syria InFocus”
  • “Guns InFocus”
  • “Sexuality InFocus: The Russian Olympics and the International Battle for Gay and Lesbian Rights” 
  • “Smoking InFocus:  Cigarettes and the Challenge of Personal Rights, Public Health and Community” 
  • “Social Media InFocus” 
  • “Sustainability InFocus:  Fossil Fuels vs. Alternative Energy”