Winter driving

At UB, we want you to be safe. We encourage you to learn about the resources available to you, and find out what you can do to help ensure your own safety and security.

Campus Safety Shuttle (SBI)

Safety Shuttle service is provided for UB students to and from locations within a 1.5 mile radius of South Campus (as well as Kensington Village, Collegiate Village and Campus Manor).

See the Schedule for SBI Safety Shuttle

Safety Tips and Advice

We encourage you to review the University Police and Emergency websites to learn more about your safety on-campus and off-campus.

Special Winter Tips

These tips are especially for bicyclists and pedestrians.  If you walk or ride your bicycle to or around campus, please pay special attention.

1) Because it stays dark later in the morning and becomes dark earlier in the evening during the winter, drivers may have difficulty seeing you, especially if you wear dark clothing.  To increase your safety when crossing or walking along the street, wear light clothing that reflects light (e.g. reflective clothing). Also, do not cross the street until the cars coming towards you have stopped.

2) Because streets are often snowy or icy in the winter, drivers may not be able to stop their cars quickly.  To ensure that you don’t get hit by a car, do not cross the street until the cars coming towards you have stopped.  NEVER walk on highway entrance or exit ramps.

3) Streets and sidewalks are sometimes so icy that it is very difficult to remain standing—even if you have boots with good tread.  To be sure that you don’t fall, by a pair of YakTrax or Stabilicers (or similar brand).

More Tips for Walking on the Street

Don't be an easy target when you are walking!

1)  Try never to walk alone, even during the day.  There is safety in numbers so always walk with a friend or, better yet, a group of friends.

2)  Be alert to your surroundings.  Don’t wear headphones or earbuds. 

3)  Walk confidently and assertively.  Do your best not to appear vulnerable or submissive.

4)  Don’t avert your eyes when you encounter people who make you nervous.  Look directly at them so they will know that you can describe them to the police. 

5)  Don’t give money to beggars. 

6)  Keep your car key, house key and cell phone where you can reach them.  Don’t keep them in your backpack.  If you do, you will lose time finding them when you need them and lose everything if your backpack is stolen.

7)  Consider keeping “give up” items (e.g. dollar bills) in your pocket--and your valuables (e.g. cell phone, large bills, credit cards) hidden elsewhere on your person. 

8)  If someone tries to mug or attack you, yell “Call 911” or “Call the police”.  If you are mugged (or someone tries to mug you), call 911 immediately.  Don’t wait until you get home.  This will help the police arrest the mugger.

10)  If someone stops you to ask for help, call 911 for them.  Don’t try to help them.  Their emergency may not be real.

11)  If someone tries to grab you, don’t stop moving.  Squirm and flail your arms as much as you can to get away.  Spit in the person's face, scratch him/her, etc.

Safety Tips for Your Home

Ensure that you and your belongings are safe in UB residence halls

1)  Lock the door to your room when you leave your room (even for a short time) or go to bed.

2)  Do not prop open locked residence hall doors.  If you see a propped door, close it.

3)  Be observant of any strangers loitering or checking doors in your building.  Note their description and call University Police (645-2222) immediately.

Ensure that your off-campus home is not an easy target

1)  Always keep your exterior doors and windows locked —even in the summer.

2)  Leave some lights on in your home when you go out.

3)  If strangers telephone or come to your door, do not admit that you are alone.  Never let strangers into your home.

4)  Close your blinds at night so people can’t see you or your possessions (e.g. TV, computer, etc.).

5)  Keep a list of serial numbers of your electronics in your apartment.  In this way, if your house is broken into, the police can identify your stolen property and arrest the thief.

Scam Alerts

Learn how to protect yourself from scams. Read ISSS Scam Alerts to find out about different types of scams that UB students have encountered.

Safety Alerts

Be safe on-campus and off-campus. Read the ISSS Safety Alerts to learn more.

Nationally Recognized University Police

UB’s University Police department patrols our campus 24 hours a day and is the first to respond to all medical, fire and criminal emergencies on campus.

Living Off Campus?

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