International Student Fee

Degree-seeking international students are required to pay the International Student fee every semester they are enrolled at UB.

Fee Information

All matriculated (degree-seeking) international students at the University at Buffalo are be required to pay a fee of $100 each semester they are enrolled at UB. 

Some students will be automatically exempted from the International Student Fee. These groups are:

- non-matriculated students

- students in the non-credit Intensive English Program of UB's English Language Institute

- junior high and high school students in UB's Gifted Math Program

- exchange students studying at UB under specific institutional partner agreements (Note: Not all exchange students are exempt from the fee) 

- students who are authorized by the University to spend the entire semester outside the U.S.

- individuals who are on a University at Buffalo-sponsored employee visa that is obtained through UB’s Office of Immigration Services (Note:  Dependents of such individuals are also exempt from paying the International Student Fee.)

- students who drop all classes by the published liability deadline for University fees (Note:  This is currently the end of the first week of classes.  A calendar of liability dates is available at:

- students who are in or change their status to one of the following immigration categories (Note:  This status must be reflected in University records.)
* U.S. Permanent Resident
* Refugee/Asylee
* Temporary Protected Status
* Adjustment of Status applicant (Form I-485 receipt notice required) 
* Undocumented Alien

Can I apply for a fee exemption?

If you believe you were charged the International Student Fee in error, you can submit an International Student Fee Exemption Request Form to ISSS, 210 Talbert Hall, North Campus. The deadline for submitting a request is 5:00 p.m. on Friday of the fourth week of classes of the fall or spring semester. (Note: Only requests relating to the exemptions above will be considered.)