Health Forms, Immunizations & Insurance

Student with healthcare provider

As required by the State of New York, UB requires that all students submit completed Health Background & Immunization Forms, and satisfy immunization requirements before registering for classes.

Health Background and Immunization Form Requirement

You should send the forms as soon as possible via Air Mail or Express Courier (Attention: Susan Snyder) or Fax (716-829-2564) to UB Student Health Services. 

Note:  Since Student Health Services does not send confirmation that they received the forms, you may wish to submit them via Fax or Express Courier since both services provide confirmation of delivery. Please DO NOT return them to the International Admissions office. Also, scanned copies and e-mail attachments are not permitted.  

Student Health Services' mailing address is:

University at Buffalo Student Health Services
Michael Hall
3435 Main Street
Buffalo, N.Y. 14214

If you are unable to complete all of your immunizations in your country, Student Health Services will assist you in obtaining the immunizations, but this will delay your class registration and you may not get the classes you want.

Health Insurance

All international students at UB are required to have health insurance and will be billed directly for it. You are urged not to purchase health insurance prior to coming to UB because your insurance may not be accepted by UB.

Please note that international students at UB should purchase health insurance for any dependents who come to live with them in Buffalo.