How We Address Global Health Challenges

Lab in Zimbabwe.

Lab in Zimbabwe

The UB Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) recognizes the importance of bringing together faculty from research, clinical and applied programs to tackle the world’s pressing health issues. These scientists collaborate closely in discovering key connections between health and sustainable economic development. 

Translational Pharmacology and Drug Development

CIGBS includes scientists and staff with extensive experience in bioanalytical and laboratory sciences related to translational pharmacology research. Our approach to integrated drug development includes programs that create project milestones as well as quality monitoring.

Nanomedicine and Cell-Directed Therapeutics

nano particle diagram.

Nanoparticle Diagram

CIGBS faculty are internationally recognized experts in the nanotechnology practices and processes used in UB’s Institute for Lasers, Photonics and Biophotonics. Ligand-directed nanoparticle sicence complements these efforts. We are working to optimize delivery of therapeutic agents to a desired site while minimizing the risk of drug toxicity and exposure to other cells.

STEM Program Planning for Global Biomedical Sciences Research

CIGBS supports national and international longterm Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) program planning to ensure that subsequent generations are prepared. The center can assist with career planning and counseling efforts that are integrating K-12 and college STEM student pathways as well as the alignment of skills development with workforce needs.

Health Information Technology, Biosensors and Implementation Research

CIGBS recognizes the ongoing transition from hospital-based clinical research units to ambulatory and home-based protocols that use novel biosensor techniques. The data transfer to centralized centers furthers integration with electronic health record systems. Computer science faculty members find innovative ways to integrate systems for population data analytics and bioinformatics.

Health Research System Capacity Building

BJIE Jamaica Team.

The Buffalo Jamaica Innovation Enterprise team meets in Jamaica to promote Capacity Building

CIGBS collaborates with low and middle income countries, which are looking for ways to integrate health care systems and implementation research strategies. Our faculty assist with technology transfer and serve as mentors for research scientist training programs. These efforts contribute to sustainable, country-driven and prioritized health research.

Linking Patient Safety Strategies and Global Therapeutics Advances

CIGBS provides regional and national expertise to partners who want to implement patient safety monitoring programs. The U.S. Agency for Health Research and Quality has previously designated our patient safety organization as one that can establish systems for linking health information technology with medical practices and health care systems.

Quality Management Systems for Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Laboratory Sciences Development

Zim team.

Zimbabwe Team of Pharmacology Fellows

In order to pass regulatory review, academic institutions must establish bioanalytical resources that will yield high-quality data. CIGBS has the experts who can help with the implementation of management systems that integrate nutrition, environment and community factors during laboratory network development.

UB and the University of Zimbabwe have piloted this project including the work of globally recognized scientist Chiedza Maponga, PharmD.

Pharmacokinetic Analysis and Pharmacogenomics Resource Building

CIGBS recognizes that in planning for human studies, drug development programs require efficient application of pharmacokinetic and pharmacogenomics testing at critical steps of the process. Our innovative thinking contributes to more integrated and efficient systems for accomplishing these goals.