The first known African-American graduate of UB, J. Robert Love received his medical degree on February 25, 1880.

Expert Christopher Densmore’s 1996 unpublished paper “A Heritage of Diversity: Notes from the History of the University of Buffalo.”

Our first known black graduate was a Dr. J. Robert Love, Medical School, Class of 1880. At the graduation dinner, Dr. Love responded to a toast offered to “Our Colored Fellow Citizens” with the hope that “the time was fast coming … when the colored American citizen would emerge from his social ostracism of the past and meet his white brothers on the equal plain of education and merit…” Love later moved to Haiti, and then to Jamaica, where he agitated for black participation in the government. One of his opponents called his politics “Lovisms” to which Dr. Love responded: “We love the white man because he is our brother; we love the coloured man because he is our son; we love the black man because we must love ourself.”