The Spirit of New Buffalo

In 1920 the University publishes the earliest known non-discrimination statement. It stated that the University was "For all Buffalo Boys and Girls - regardless of race, creed or class."

In 1920, under the leadership of attorney Walter P. Cooke, the UB Council authorized the university’s first capital campaign to raise money to build what is now known as UB’s south campus. The campaign issued a 24-page brochure titled The Spirit of the New Buffalo which featured drawings of E. B. Green’s ambitious plans for the new campus and made the case for why the futures of UB and Buffalo were linked.

The brochure concluded with a description of how creating a college of liberal arts at UB would provide a much-needed opportunity for local high school graduates. It also stated that bringing together young people representing the city’s multinational population could help ease Buffalo’s current racial tensions. So, as was cited on the final page of the brochure and repeated in a letter from Cooke to prospective donors, the campaign was for the benefit of “all Buffalo boys and girls—regardless of race, creed or class.”