Reports and Information

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UB Reports and Affirmative Action Plan

University Affirmative Action Plan

UB and the SUNY Research Foundation at UB are required to complete an Affirmative Action Plan on an annual basis as federal contractors.

2016-17 Faculty Salary Equity Study

The final report of the Gender Equity Salary Study (GESS) Committee, which was jointly appointed by the University Provost and the Chair of the Faculty Senate to assess whether there is statistically significant inequity in ladder faculty salaries by gender at the University at Buffalo.

Commission on Academic Excellence and Equity (2012)

The 2012 Commission on Academic Excellence and Equity (CAEE) final report provided research and data analysis, policies and practices related to faculty success at UB. The Commission was charged with examining data, policies, and practices that bear on faculty recruitment and career paths, so as to identify any barriers that may impede faculty success. The CAEE was further charged with making specific recommendations designed to eliminate these barriers, so that all UB faculty, regardless of gender/race/ethnicity, can excel and flourish.

UB Data and Demographic Information

Common Data Set (CDS) Initiative

A collaborative effort among higher education data providers to improve the quality and accuracy of information provided across institutions through the development of clear, standard data items and definitions. Data definitions, answers to frequently asked questions, links to related information and contextual background are provided.

University Factbook

An interactive compendium of frequently requested official information about the institution, using definitions developed and set by UB’s data governance process. Subject areas include student applications, enrollment, retention, degrees and graduation rates, as well as sponsored research, employees, and tuition and fees.