Monday, April 17 

Sponsor: Intercultural and Diversity Center
Heritage Month celebrations (e.g., Black History, Women’s History, Hispanic Heritage, Native American Heritage) are essential to an inclusive, culturally competent university community here at UB.

Tuesday, April 18
Sponsor: Athletics
Student athletes are free to express their political beliefs both on and off the field.

Wednesday, April 19 104 O’Brian Hall, 12:00pm-1:30pm
Sponsored: Law School 
Hate speech is fundamentally incompatible with an inclusive campus climate.

Thursday, April 20 
Sponsor: Libraries and the Dept. of History
Statues, flags, and other icons that serve as reminders of historical legacies of injustice should be removed from college and university campuses.

Friday, April 21
Sponsor: Student Conduct and Advocacy and Wellness Education Services
Campus judicial systems effectively balance the interests of both those who report sexual assault and those who are accused of it.