About Us

What We Do

We collaborate with academic and administrative offices to create strategies that empower members of the campus community – whether faculty, students or staff – to achieve their full potential, unburdened by barriers to advancement based on stereotypes and bias. We promote equity, inclusion and diversity and integrate inclusive excellence in all aspects of university operations.

  • Inclusive Excellence is a comprehensive approach that integrates inclusivity into all aspects of university operations and creates a culture of shared responsibility in which all members of the university community are integral to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Equity requires recruiting and retaining diverse people and perspectives at all levels of the university, ensuring that their voices are heard, and that they compete on a level playing field. Equity is treating people fairly across their differences.
  • Inclusion requires that UB is a welcoming community that values the participation and active engagement of all its members. Inclusion is being welcoming to every member of the community.
  • Diversity, both culturally and cognitively, is what makes teams and environments better and faster at problem solving and innovation.  It drives inclusive excellence.

Our Role

To achieve excellence in research, teaching and service, UB must recruit, retain and support individuals from a broad diversity of backgrounds. The Office of the Vice Provost for Inclusive Excellence (VPIX) is responsible for fostering a culture of equity and inclusion at UB, which is critical for providing the learning environment necessary for achieving excellence in today’s highly globalized and rapidly changing world.

The VPIX will work within university leadership to ensure that equity and inclusion objectives are incorporated into UB’s strategic plans and serve as a strong advocate for access, diversity, inclusion and equity in educational and employment practices.


Inclusion Quote

Promoting a Culture of Inclusive Excellence across Campus

Purpose: To create the conditions for inclusiveness and equity among faculty, staff and students that are critical to ensuring excellence.

Ultimately, we will be a leader in building a diverse and inclusive campus environment that thrives because diversity drives problem-solving, innovation, and creativity.

Advancing Academic Excellence

Purpose: To ensure that the best practices are followed in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce.  To develop strategies to increase the diversity of the faculty—particularly in areas where there is underrepresentation according to gender, race and ethnicity—in order to advance academic excellence.

Increasing Retention, Integration & Success of Diverse Students

Purpose: To provide an intellectually stimulating and enriching experience for students.  To collaborate and work strategically toward the elimination of barriers to student success.

Conveying Data that is Transparent

Purpose: To optimize the effectiveness of equity and inclusion initiatives through metrics, and ensure that the results of such initiatives are publicly disseminated.

Conveying data on equity and inclusion that is transparent and accurate illuminates the challenges and opportunities for equity and inclusion on campus, as well as areas of excellence and success.

Fostering Community Relationships & Engagement

Purpose: To expand positively our relationships with the university community as well as the surrounding communities of our campuses.  To further develop existing relationships with prospective students, alumni, donors and other friends of the university.