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Live Webcast: The Investiture of Satish K. Tripathi

View the live ceremony using one of the players below beginning at 3 p.m.*:

* Although the ceremony starts at 3 p.m., the webcast will be available at 2 p.m.

Webcast Help / Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to see this webcast?
This event is best viewed with high speed internet service (cable modem or DSL). Using dial-up services will result in lower quality video images.

What software do I need?
To access the live investiture webcast you must have Windows Media Player (Version 10 or better) or RealPlayer (Version 10 or better) software downloaded and installed on your home/office computer. We recommend testing your player in advance to make sure it is working.

How do I test my software?
To verify that your software is working properly, please visit our test pages:

Where can I download the software?
To update or install software necessary to view this event:

Do you have any documentation or support tools?
Product support links: