Resilient Segmental Post-tensioned Bridge Columns with Advanced Materials

Resilient Segmental Post-tensioned Bridge Columns with Advanced Materials.

Testing of bridge column under lateral seismic loading.

Investigator(s): Pinar Okumus

Abstract: Precast concrete segmental columns are excellent systems for accelerated bridge construction. A new self-centering and energy-dissipating bridge column system, developed at UB, was tested under cyclic loading at loading rates expected during earthquakes at the Structural Engineering and Earthquake Simulation Laboratory. Dynamic actuators that can apply loads at speeds up to 50 in/sec were used to understand rate effects. Testing revealed regions of bridge columns that are prone to earthquake damage. Ultra high performance concrete was utilized strategically for selected column segments to minimize the damage after a major earthquake. This research helps deploy precast concrete ABC segmental column systems in moderate to high seismic regions. Bridge columns built using the system will not only facilitate construction but also to eliminate the need for major repairs and down-time after extreme events.