Step 2: HUB Administrative Access

HUB is the university’s student information system that helps students, faculty, and administrators manage processes related to admissions, enrollment, billing, financial aid, grading, transcripts, and graduation. HUB access is granted via module. As a result, requests will need to be processed through a module data custodian.

Before you make a request, you will need to complete an online Handling Data Safely Course. Self-enroll in the course by following these instructions (PDF). Once this training is complete, an employee (or their supervisor) can contact the appropriate data custodian to request specific module access to the HUB.

Data Custodians and Forms Needed

Module Data Custodian Email Request Form
Academic Advising - Request if you will be assigning Academic Advisors to students, running an Academic Advising Report, or applying Milestones to student records. Lauren Barnhard
• Include your supervisor in the email
• Describe your position as it relates to the academic advising module
• Indicate if you’ve completed the Online Handling Data Safely Course (PDF)
Admissions & Recruitment - Request if you will need to view students in student groups Laurie Bragg (Undergraduate Admissions) Form (PDF)
Lisa Coia
(Graduate Admissions)
Campus Community (personal information, student groups, service indicators) - Request if you will be responsible for updating service indicators, update bio/demo information(e.g. names and addresses), and add/update a student. Marisha Handzel Request Access (PDF)
Course Catalog/Schedule of Classes - Request if you will be scheduling courses. Lauren Barnhard Form (PDF)
Enrollment - Request access if you are enrolling students or overriding enrollment limits
Request Enrollment View Only to view basic Student Record Information
Lauren Barnhard Form (PDF)
Grading Department Schedulers use settings in Maintain Schedule of Classes (within HUB) to grant access to faculty and staff for grading courses.
ImageNow- Request access if you need to view student admissions documents including transcripts. Danielle Ianni Form (PDF)
InfoSource/SIRI Account - Student Academic Information
(needed to access Student Academic Information InfoSource Tables)

All other InfoSource Access Requests
Lauren Barnhard

Access through MyUB
Form (PDF)
Program Plan - Request access if you will be viewing, updating, or adding Program Plan data for specific career programs, plans, subplans, degrees, or all Program Actions. Lauren Barnhard Form (PDF)
Residency (Update/Change) - Request if you will be updating student residency status Laura Stevens Form (PDF)
Social Security Access - Request if you need access to Social Security Number information Fill out the SSN Data Access Request (PDF) and email it to the Data Custodian of the module you identified on the form. Form (PDF)
Student Financials - Request if you need access to student financial dat Corey Hill Form (PDF)
Transfer Credit - Request if you need access to student transfer credit information Lauren Barnhard
Please include your supervisor in your email

Off Campus Access

If you need to obtain access to the HUB from off campus, you will need to obtain a VPN Token. Instructions and further information can be found here.

Last updated: October 28, 2015 3:59 pm EST