Here is how determination drives discovery

Here at UB, our passion for rigorous research is matched only by a deep commitment to positive change. Our talented students and world-renowned faculty ask difficult questions, push past accepted boundaries and break ground to lead a new way forward. These are just some of the stories that show how.

New Cancer Treatment

Imagine a minimally invasive treatment that eradicates cancer cells with no major side effects. That’s the promise of magnetic nanoparticle hyperthermia, and it just came one step closer to clinical reality thanks to UB research.

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3D Printed Dentures

UB researchers have developed a process for 3D printing dentures infused with antimicrobial medications to prevent common infections. Bonus: They can be made at a fraction of conventional laboratory cost and time.

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Deadly new pathogen

A nightmarish strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae that can blind or even kill healthy people within days is getting more common, but doctors have so far been unable to identify it. Fortunately, UB researchers are on the case.

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Autonomous Robot

These beaver-like robots constantly scan and react to their environment, organically building structure out of randomness—an innovation with major implications for search-and-rescue.

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Flexible electronic conductor

An ancient Japanese paper art is the inspiration for UB engineers who are designing flexible electrical components, key for futuristic tech like smart clothing, electronic skin and bendable screens.

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Yeti DNA found in Asian bears

New UB research shows that an FDA-approved drug for cancer restored social deficits in animal models of autism, offering the first evidence of a potential treatment for the disorder’s behavioral symptoms.

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UB faculty and students are applying knowledge to solve complex global challenges through research.