Our Research Changes Lives

UB students and faculty are applying their knowledge to a diversity of projects addressing local and global challenges. The research we do touches lives around the world and drives the growth of the Buffalo-Niagara and New York State economies.


A UB study has found that teenage victims of online bullying are more likely to sleep poorly, which in turn leads to higher rates of depression. 


According to a UB research team, UN peacekeeping missions in active civil conflicts require roughly 10,000 soldiers to effectively bring about peace.


UB researchers have found that kratom, a natural supplement commonly used for pain, can cause opiate-like withdrawal symptoms in infants exposed to it in utero.


A UB and Roswell Park research team found that the protection offered by oral contraceptives against ovarian cancer is most pronounced with highly fatal forms of the disease.


The student team that won the UB World’s Challenge Challenge with their sustainable mealworm burger will compete for seed money at the international event in Canada.