Our Research Changes Lives

UB students and faculty are applying their knowledge to a diversity of projects addressing local and global challenges. The research we do touches lives around the world and drives the growth of the Buffalo-Niagara and New York State economies.


Researchers from around the world are at UB to exchange ideas and share the latest in their work with the Large Hadron Collider, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator.


A new UB study revealed surprising overlap and telling differences in Democrats’ and Republicans’ responses to President Trump’s tweets.


A team of UB researchers will use $1.8 million in new funding to develop carbon-capture technology that could dramatically reduce carbon emissions worldwide.


UB will help shape the future of responsible computing, including AI, thanks to a $150,000 grant to integrate ethics into its computer science curriculum.


A UB study of people living in Beijing before, during and after the 2008 Olympics sheds light on how air pollution affects the body at the metabolic level.