Our Research Changes Lives

UB students and faculty are applying their knowledge to a diversity of projects addressing local and global challenges. The research we do touches lives around the world and drives the growth of the Buffalo-Niagara and New York State economies.


UB-led research finds that emotional responses related to the 2016 election and climate change had different effects on how liberals and conservatives processed information.


UB engineers have received a $1 million DARPA grant to improve AI-driven systems, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, by teaching them physics.


A UB researcher sheds light on an ongoing controversy surrounding ADHD treatment, finding that chronic stimulant therapy is unlikely to cause cardiac damage in healthy children.


UB geologists have been injecting homemade lava with water in order to better understand the conditions that can make lava-water interactions so violent.


Postmenopasual women who experience tooth loss are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, according to a UB study.