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New York State Teacher Certification Program

English Education, EdM (Professional)

UB's dynamic English Education Program focuses on teaching, research and learning. It integrates literature, composition, media and digital literacies in secondary schools and higher education. This program is for you if you hold a valid New York State initial teacher certificate in English (grades 7-12) and are seeking the Master of Education, as well as a recommendation for the professional teacher certificate in english (grades 7-12 with or without grades 5-6 extension).

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Why English Education?

Our program graduates are leaders in the field. The coursework is tailored to encompass an integrated approach to theory, research, curriculum and pedagogy. Typical graduate projects include research in local schools, presentations of papers at local, state, and national conferences, and publications in professional journals.

You will find UB's English Education alumni leading the field as:

  • Teachers
  • Professors at Colleges and University
  • School Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents
  • Researchers and Authors
  • Deans and Administrators in Higher Education settings
  • Professional Developers and Consultants

The online English Education EdM program is a part time, fully online program.  It is comprised of 33 credit hours and can be completed in two years.

Application Information

Applications are considered for fall and spring admission, with a rolling deadline for admission. Admission is competitive: academic record, written statements and interviews are basic components.  Seats are limited so apply early. Students accepted after all spots are filled will be placed on a waiting list and will be formally admitted to the program when a space becomes available.

Application Requirements

New York State Teacher Certification Track

Apply to this program if you hold a valid NYS Initial Teacher Certificate in English (grades 7-12) and are seeking the master of education, as well as a recommendation for the Professional Teacher Certificate in English (grades 7-12 with or without grades 5-6 extension).

Applicants for Professional Certification must have applied for or received New York State initial teacher certification in the matching certification area. If application for teacher certification is in process, proof of such application must be submitted. If already certified, a copy of proof of teacher certification is required.

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and submit the following:

  • An online application
  • A $50 non-refundable application fee, submitted electronically through UB's ePayment system
  • Transcripts of previous academic work. Applicants who are currently at UB or have studied at or graduated from UB do not need to request an official UB transcript. GSE's Office of Admissions can download and print the transcript.
  • Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for applicants pursuing teacher education programs.
  • Proof of New York State Initial Teacher Certification (or proof of application if in process)

Former/Maiden Name: The Graduate School of Education must be made aware if applicants have ever changed their name.  If this is the case, be sure to ask the institution sending your transcripts to indicate your current name and any former or maiden names.

Admissions Decision: The admissions decision will be communicated to you as soon as review is complete. Typically, this takes between 6-8 weeks. The decision is based on a number of factors and is the result of a thorough and deliberate process. All decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

Supporting Documentation

All supporting documents must be uploaded and attached to your online application. This includes unofficial copies of your transcripts and any other documents required for review.


Program Requirements

English education is concerned with the teaching of literature and composition in secondary schools and colleges and universities. Programs take a broad humanistic approach and emphasize research and practice in language, writing, and response to literature. Students study theory, research, and practice.

  • LAI 512: Readings in Multicultural Literature
  • LAI 514: Adolescent Writing Across Curriculum
  • LAI 515: Research in Literature Teaching and Learning
  • LAI 517 Popular Culture in the ELA Classroom
  • LAI 519: Research in Writing
  • LAI 537: Language, Diversity and Literacy
  • LAI 552: Middle Childhood - Adolescent Theory
  • LAI 576: Literacy and Technology
  • LAI 580: Literature for Young Adults
  • LAI 603: Developing Curriculum for the Emerging Adolescent
  • LAI 700: Capstone

This is a sample list of courses and is subject to change. Please note: a grade of B- or higher is required for all coursework in the English Education: Adolescence (grades 5-12 or 7-12), Professional Online program.

What is the Time Commitment?

Online courses traditionally require a minimum of 9 to 12 hours of dedicated study outside of participation in the virtual classroom, so it is important that you take into consideration other personal and professional commitments as you pursue your coursework.


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The English Education EdM program is just one of many programs in the Department of Learning and Instruction, in the Graduate School of Education, at the University at Buffalo.

University Computing Standards

All students are required to have access to an adequately equipped computer that meets the University computing standards as well as daily access to a reliable broadband  connection (i.e., DSL or cable). Students are also expected to have basic computer competency before beginning their course work.