ET&NL Course Descriptions

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CEP 506 Introduction to Educational Technology | Credits: 3

This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to the theoretical bases and practical applications of technology, particularly as used in classrooms. There are several objectives: (1) Assure some basic familiarity with computing technology and its common uses in the classroom; and (2) encourage a perspective toward viewing classroom technologies contextually.

LAI 573 Technology as a Social Practice | Credits: 3

This course aims to clarify the roots of, and identify what is at stake in, contemporary conflicts over the development and use of technology. The first half addresses the problem of conceptualizing technology so as best to elucidate its social nature and its involvement in political and cultural processes; the second half applies this conceptual work by analyzing the way technologies and social structures mutually shape one another in a variety of specific institutional settings.

LAI 576 Literacy and Technology | Credits: 3

This course aims to connect the use of technology, the calls for educational reform, and the emerging research on literacy strategies and assessment.  The Common Core is changing dramatically the landscape defining what counts as literacy.  This course explores new definitions of the digital education age including information literacy and seeks to promote exemplary teaching and assessment in line with such definitions.  Instructors may also include such approaches as composition, project based learning, and digital composition as forms assessment pushing the traditional boundaries of technology and literacy alike.

LAI 678 Digital Media in Education | Credits: 3

This course will help educators use a variety of digital media tools for designing, implementing, and assessing effective learning environments. The purpose of this course is to assist teachers at all levels in their understanding of differences in instruction in the nature and function of multimedia authoring tools meant to engage students in the process of co-constructing knowledge. Authoring and editing skills as well as some programming and design principles will be discussed and practiced through hands-on experiences to develop proficiency with the tools and skills needed for authoring and publishing digital media in a variety of formats.

LAI 700 Capstone | Credits: 1-6