SUNY Employee Tuition Benefits

SUNY Employees: Take advantage of tuition waiver benefits!

One way to increase your self-development and professional growth is by participating in academic, credit-bearing or noncredit courses—ONLINE courses included. After selecting one of our online courses, eligible employees of SUNY, the Community Colleges and the Research Foundation of State University of New York may apply for tuition assistance. SUNY policy states that up to 100 percent of the cost of tuition and fees charged for eligible courses of instruction MAY be waived where such employees enroll in courses at a campus of the University. For detailed information, visit the SUNY website.

UUP Employee Tuition Benefits

Complete the Online UUP Tuition Free Registration Application for a course offered through the University at Buffalo.


  • Any State employee represented by UUP. Both full-time and part-time employees are eligible.
  • Applicants must maintain their employment status at the University for the duration of the course(s) specified. For more information, contact State Benefits Administration, University Human Resources 120 Crofts Hall. 


  • Any SUNY-sponsored credit bearing course; may be taken for credit or no credit. Individual instruction (such as thesis guidance) is not covered. One course per semester or session may be taken, on a space available basis.


  • Full credit hour cost, (outstanding balances in Student Accounts must first be cleared); all fees will be charged to the employee.


Application for University at Buffalo course:

Application for other SUNY school course:

  • Contact other SUNY school for application information. Waiver forms requiring signature may be sent to University Human Resources, 120 Crofts Hall.

B140W Tuition Waiver for State, Research Foundation or UBF Employees


Applicant must be a University employee with a State, Research Foundation or UBF affiliation, working at least half time, who has a minimum of six months of service prior to the beginning of the course.

Download an application


The maximum number of credit hours per semester covered is 8, not to exceed 15 per year per person as long as funding lasts. The year for this program is available during summer, fall, winter and spring terms.

You may select any four-year SUNY-sponsored course; but the course must be a credit bearing, college course.


Full-time employees (1.0 FTE):

  • 50% tuition routinely waived as long as funding lasts.
  • 100% waived ONLY for State employees if required on their Performance Evaluation on file in Personnel and approved by appropriate VP/Provost.

Part-time employees (.50-.99 FTE):

  • 25% tuition waived. Less than .50 FTE are not eligible.


  • Register through the usual course registration
  • Complete a B140W application
  • Mail the form to University at Buffalo, University Human Resources, 120 Crofts Hall, North Campus, Buffalo, NY 14260-7022


Applications coincide with the last day to drop/add courses as indicated for each semester and Summer Session on the Student Calendars available on the Offifce of the Registrar's website.