Pursue your research interests with Amrita University in India

Student Researcher

Amrita University.

Amrita University is India’s top-rated private university, and its Live-In-LabsTM (LILAs) are its flagship opportunity for international students.

Students from virtually any disciplinary background are invited to apply for this opportunity. Amrita University’s “labs” are 101 villages in rural India, where Student Researchers live, assess the local community’s challenges, and apply their educational training in the creation and testing of potential solutions. To apply, pick one of the following focus areas --  Health & Livelihood, Education & Technology, Infrastructure & Basic Facilities, Energy, and Environment & Farming – and prepare a statement of interest that describes your academic and personal background in this area. Working with CGHE Program Coordinator, Dr. Lisa Vahapoğlu, you will develop that statement into a research proposal that will be submitted to Amrita University. If you are selected for this opportunity, you may travel to India over the Winter recess. Minimum time in country is 3 weeks.