Partner with the Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Sanitation in Uganda

Graduate Student Intern

Appropriate Technology Centre.

Established by Uganda’s Ministry of Water and Environment, the Appropriate Technology Centre for Water and Sanitation (ATC) conducts applied research and disseminates information about appropriate and inclusive technologies and approaches to the provision of water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH).

ATC is also charged with improving the capacity of key sector actors, including water resources managers, sanitation professionals, technicians, and artisans. 

The exact tasks to be performed by UB Graduate Student Interns at ATC would be decided upon in advance on a case by case basis, depending on program and staff need at the time that the student applies, as well as the experience and aptitudes of the student applicant. Typical tasks include:

  • Preparation of written governmental reports (e.g., assembling and interpreting data; drafting narrative sections);
  • Development of manuscripts for publication (e.g., organizing written materials prepared by others; drafting narrative sections; preparing references)
  • Developing and testing of research ideas for improving access to WaSH that especially target the most vulnerable population segments;
  • Assisting with ongoing research projects (e.g., field testing, data collection, data analysis, writing outcome analyses) related to the organization’s mission of promoting inclusive WaSH technologies for all;
  • Development of written documentation to inform national government and other WaSH stakeholders.

Skills developed will depend on the particular tasks assigned to the student.