Mapping and monitoring inclusive WaSH facilities at schools: survey, strategies and challenges

Veritas, the winning team from the 2016 Global Innovation Challenge

April 27th, 2017

4-5 pm | 220 Hayes Hall
University at Buffalo
South Campus

The winning team of the 2016 Global Innovation Challenge, Team Veritas, aims to develop strategies that motivate key actors to prioritize inclusive WaSH in schools, in turn, promoting the education of all children, irrespective of gender, age, or ability (inclusive education). They aim to develop a school level map of inclusive WaSH facilities that includes a mechanism to monitor quality. Creating such a map requires extensive data collection strategies with periodic feedback. Team Veritas will study the possibility of incorporating crowdsourcing and technology in the data collection and monitoring pipeline using a participatory GIS mapping approach. They will validate their strategy by performing a pilot study at schools in a low- and middle-income country. This tool will offer manifold insights to students with special needs, the general public, policy makers and funding agencies.