Recruiting Top Talent

Here is how endowed faculty positions pull top talent to UB.

With one stroke, Erich Bloch made UB’s Department of Materials Design and Innovation a destination.

Bloch, who earned a BS from UB in 1952, was a celebrated computer scientist at IBM and later director of the National Science Foundation. In 2014, he made sure the new department could always compete for a world-class leader when he established the Erich Bloch Endowed Chair with a $1.5 million gift.

And the first chair is just what Bloch’s gift promised. When UB recruited him last year, Krishna Rajan, a world leader in materials informatics, was the Wilkinson Professor of Interdisciplinary Engineering at Iowa State University.

The Bloch chair was a step up for a superstar. Now Rajan is recruiting an interdisciplinary department faculty. UB’s superior computational tools are a draw—as is Rajan himself.

UB has invested heavily in scientific infrastructure over the past decade. Bloch’s endowment is a comparable philanthropic investment in human capital. Together—public and private—they will help shape the future.

Academic Innovation

UB holds 59 named faculty positions funded by $70 million in endowments that provide support for research and other professional pursuits. These endowed positions help UB compete for talented faculty.