UB Students First Fund

Your donation gives comfort to students like Viva Ayyar, and provides a safety net for all.

The UB Students First Fund directly supports students by providing additional funding in such areas as career development, student leadership and unexpected financial needs.

Gifts to the UB Students First Fund provide much needed financial support in three key areas.

  1. Career development provides UB students with the tools they need to find internships and explore job opportunities.
  2. The fund also directly assists students in the area of student leadership and those wanting to pursue leadership experiences through international and community initiatives.
  3. Finally, when unexpected financial needs arise, the UB Students First Fund is there to provide immediate assistance to those students who face unexpected financial issues and student emergencies.

Please consider a gift to the UB Students First Fund in support of these and other important initiatives as we continue to enhance the student experience at the University at Buffalo.

The UB Students First Fund: Shaping Students. Changing Lives.