Proteomics & Bioanalysis Core

Proteomics & Mass Spec Lab

The Proteomics and Bioanalysis Core (PBC) services Fortune 500 companies and specializes in proteomics, LC/MS (liquid chromatography – mass spectrometry) and bioinformatics.  

This facility serves as a regional resource for UB and regional investigators, providing state-of-the art instrumentation and expertise in proteomics and biopharmaceutical analysis.The PBC includes a well-equipped wet-lab devoted to cell culture, biochemistry experiments (for Western-blotting, electrophoresis, ELISA, etc.), column packing, treatment of proteomic samples and preparation for quantitative analysis.  It operates as a collaborative core, developing analytical strategies that address significant bioanalytical challenges and thereby advance knowlege in a variety of applications.

The facility has several main research foci:

  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of small-molecule analytes such as drugs, metabolites, and biomolecules
  • Comprehensive protein expression profiling and differential proteome analysis
  • Ultra-sensitive quantification of proteins/peptides

The final analytical strategies often represent combined developments in instrumentation, sample processing, and data analysis.

The instrumentation utilized by the researchers consists of:

  • Mass Spectrometer Systems:
    • ThermoFisher LTQ XL Linear Ion Trap with ETD (Electron Transfer Dissociation) fragmentation and Orbitrap XL Detector
    • ThermoFisher Quantum Ultra EMR triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

  • Eksigent multidimensional nanoflow HPLC system
  • Waters Acquity Ultra-high pressure (UHPLC) chromatography system