RFP: GEM Educational and Engagement Innovation Grant

Advances in genomics, including research on the microbiome and the interplay of the environment, promise significant changes in healthcare and medicine, and our collective conceptualization of what it means to be “human.” Precision medicine, based in genomics, will increasingly become a focus area in the United States in the coming years. However, healthcare practitioners still identify as not having obtained a working knowledge of genetics and genomics that facilitates genetic-based health services.

Additionally, the public lacks a comprehensive understanding of genetic and genomic testing—from ethical considerations, to information protection, to interpreting the results. Similarly, many people remain largely unaware of the implications of maintaining a healthy microbiome or the impact of antibiotic resistance.

The UB Genome, Environment and Microbiome Community of Excellence (GEM) seeks proposals from UB faculty who are interested in developing innovative ways of educating and engaging UB students and the community about topics related to the genome and the microbiome.

Proposals should promote GEM’s vision of advancing our understanding of the genome, the microbiome and their interactions with the environment, and to use this knowledge to benefit humanity in a just, broad-based, and responsible manner.

Interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged. Proposals should incorporate measurable impact goals – example, public genomic health literacy (short- or long-term), shift in attitude and/or an increased understanding of genomics or microbiomics at any level. All proposals should clearly demonstrate a benefit to the University, through a potential for increased revenue or opportunities for UB students.

Activities that funds will support include, but are not limited to:

  • Undergraduate course development
  •  Graduate or certificate-level course development
  •  Service-learning project support materials and supplies
  •  Teaching Assistant
  •  Workshop or symposium organization & coordination
  •  K-12 – grade lessons, afterschool program, workshops

Funding resources available: Around $5,000 per project (exceptions may be given), and funding available for up to 5 projects. Projects must be completed during the 2017-2018 academic year, with an interim and final report submitted to GEM.

Submission Deadline:   5:00 pm, August 15, 2017

Application Format:  

Applications, single spaced, using 11 point font (Arial or Times New Roman), and 0.5-inch margins must include:

Page 1 – Title page including Project Title, names/degrees and institutional affiliation of all project investigators, and a 100 word abstract.

Pages 2-page – Project Description to include:

a) Overall goal and specific aims, ~ ½ page.

c) Approach including design and description of methods to be used, ~ 1 pages.

d) Anticipated results and impact on education and/or community engagement, ~ ½ page.        

Additional Information:

  •  Key Personnel – attach 2-page CV for each investigator in the project.
  • Project Budget – Attach a line item budget and a brief budget justification. There are no indirect costs, and faculty salaries and computer hardware (unless justified for specific work) are not allowable costs.

References: Not included in the page limit.

It is strongly recommended that you engage with available GEM staff in the development of your ideas, where appropriate. GEM resources are available for the development and coordination of your ideas:

  • Community Outreach support: Identifying and coordinating with appropriate community partners; service-learning course development / pedagogy; GEM Community Advisory Board nonprofit membership; communications/marketing support

               -  GEM Director of Outreach Activities Bridget Brace-MacDonald bebrace@buffalo.edu

  • K-16 Education support: Identifying and coordinating with appropriate K-12 schools in WNY, including Buffalo Public Schools, charter schools, and suburban schools; facilitating connections to Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus; design and development of hands-on learning activities and assessment

                -  GEM Science Education Director Dr. Sandra Small sksmall@buffalo.edu

Please submit to coe-gem@buffalo.edu as a single pdf by 5:00 pm of the due date.

Any questions should be sent to coe-gem@buffalo.edu.