Opportunities for Undergraduate Study

There are thousands of university, national and international-level awards available to fund your undergraduate education. Let us help you find an opportunity that fits you.

Internal vs. External Awards

Internal Awards

Internal awards are awards that are offered by your academic department, college or university. The University at Buffalo offers many in-house scholarships to enhance a student's education. Many degree programs have their own scholarship funds. Please contact your academic department for more information on departmental opportunities.

External Awards

External awards are nationally (and internationally) competitive fellowships and scholarships for students to help pursue their academic interests or passions in more depth. Some offer opportunities to pursue research while others may provide funding for the last years of undergraduate education. In general, external awards provide a kind of “portable” allowance that can be used at the institution of the student’s choice.

Opportunity Spotlight

Take a look at some of the more prestigious national awards and some of the featured university awards that can fund your undergraduate education, listed by year in which they should be applied to, below.

Note that some awards allow the student to apply directly, while others require nomination by the university. Opportunities that require an institutional nomination are marked by an asterisk (*)





In addition to the more prestigious national fellowships, there are numerous smaller awards and scholarships, many of which can be held in addition to funds received from other sources. These awards are identified by researching the online listings.

There are several helpful university fellowship databases that may also be of help in identifying fellowships and scholarships:

Diversity Opportunities

Diversity fellowships and scholarships are available to certain groups of individuals. This could include first-generation college students, underrepresented groups, women interested in science and engineering or for individuals from low-income families.

International Student Opportunities

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