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Planning Phase

Step 1 - Planning

Step One

  • The Primary Client identifies a potential improvement to the University’s facilities that would significantly improve their ability to meet the University’s Mission.

Step Two

  • Along with their departmental Facilities Planning and Management Officer (FPMO), the Primary Client obtains the approval of their Dean or Vice President for the project.

Step Three

  • The Primary Client completes a Small Scale Capital (Rehab) Project Request form, and submits it to CPG at 106 Fargo Quadrangle. Capital Planning Group (CPG) reviews the request and verifies that it is consistent with the University’s Mission and Master Plan. If the project meets these criteria, CPG and FP&D will assemble the Project Team and assign a unique project number.

Step Four

  • The Planner is the point of contact for the remainder of the Planning Phase. The Planner will arrange an initial scope meeting with the Primary Client, FPMO and the other Project Team members to prepare a Scope Statement. Depending on the project’s complexity, more than one meeting may be needed to develop the Scope Statement.

Step Five

  • The Scope Statement is written by the Planner and submitted for approval to the Primary Client, FPMO, Financially Responsible Party, Planner, Architect-in-Charge and Project Manager. When all parties have signed the Scope Statement, the Planning Phase is complete and the project enters the Design Phase.