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Construction Phase

Construction Phase

Step One

  • The Project Manager is the point of contact during the Construction Phase and they will oversee construction activities. The Project Manager will contact the Primary Client and FPMO to schedule work on the project. They will hold meetings periodically throughout the Construction Phase to review progress and obtain the Primary Client’s and FPMO’s input needed to complete the project. The Project Manager will prepare weekly construction status reports and distribute them to the Primary Client, FPMO and the Project Team.

Step Two

  • During construction the Primary Client or FPMO may request, or unanticipated field conditions may require, changes to the project scope. The Project Team will evaluate the potential changes to determine cost and schedule implications. These will be reviewed with the Primary Client and FPMO. 
  • For Change Orders requested by the Primary Client or FPMO, the Primary Client, FPMO, Financially Responsible Party and Project Manager must all agree to the proposed changes, associated costs and schedule impact for the Change Order to be implemented. The Primary Client or the Financially Responsible Party shall be responsible to pay for approved Change Orders. The Primary Client and the Financially Responsible Party will not pay additional funds for Change Orders required because of unanticipated field conditions. Funds to cover the cost of Change Orders requested by the Primary Client will be transferred from the account designated by the Primary Client or Financially Responsible Party to a construction account.

Step Three

  • When construction is substantially complete, the Project Manager will meet with the Primary Client and FPMO to inspect the work and prepare a Punch List of minor work items needing to be completed. 
  • The Project Manager will assist the Primary Client with moving into the reconstructed space. More information is given in the document “UB on the Move” (available at The Project Manager will coordinate with the movers and will assist the Primary Client in obtaining boxes and packing materials.

Step Four

  • The Project Team will request feedback about their performance from the Primary Client and FPMO through either an electronic customer survey or a face to face meeting. Feedback will be used to improve the Small Scale Capital Process (Rehab).