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Space Inventory Survey

This is the location of the on-line space inventory survey application

Survey period: Wednesday - October 11, 2017 to Wednesday - November 8, 2017

Floor Plans

Floor plans graphically represent individual departmental space assignments and are annotated with the use description code, occupant of a space, and the Net Square Feet (NSF) of a space. The floor plans can be viewed using the free Auto Desk Viewer and may require the assistance of your local IT department to install.

NOTE 1 - the graphical report illustrates space for one department for each floor plan, consequently if you share space with another department, this particular report will not represent that sharing.  Please refer to the space detail report (XLS format) that lists the proration of your space with another department. You can also see this proration value on the web application as well.

NOTE 2 - the graphical report illustrates occupant assignments to a space, due to a limitation of the report, only one occupant is annotated to a room. For additional occupant assignments please refer to the space detail reports (XLS format) or the web application.

Space Detail Reports

The Space detail reports list room information along with occupants and principal investigators in two separate XLS files. These reports will list multiple occupants and investigators where applicable and will also indicate in the Organization Percent column what percentage assignment the department has for that space. Definitions for Space Area NSF and AsgnArea ASF are available at the square feet definitions page.

NOTE 1 - These reports are to be used for reference only. Any changes to this information is to be done on the Space Survey Web Application.


E-mail for answers regarding space inventory concepts or the space inventory web application.

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Provides instructions and definitions for the fields found in the space inventory web application.

This link takes you to the free AutoDesk DWF Viewer that will give you the ability to view the DWF floor plans of your space. It requires Administrative rights on your computer for install, so contact your local IT person for assistance.

Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Survey (available for reference purposes only)

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