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Contractor Parking Permits

A Contractor Parking Permit (Hangtag) is available for the current cost of $9.65 (subject to change). Hangtags are issued annually at the beginning of the Fall Semester (August) and are valid for up to one school year based on the date of purchase.

How to Obtain a Contractor Parking Permit

  • Contractor shall provide all vehicle/operator information as required to the Department of Parking and Transportation (102 Spaulding Quad, North Campus or 104 Harriman Hall, South Campus) using the "Letter of Authorization for Contractor Parking Permits for Construdtion Project" application form at the time of hangtag purchase or renewal(s). 
  • Contractor Parking Hangtags are valid for three (3) month increments. Contractor must present a copy of this form to the Department of Parking and Transportation upon expiration of hangtags in order to receive replacement hangtags every three (3) months for the duration of the project. There is no charge for renewals providing they fall within the school year in which they were purchased.
  • In the event that Contractor hangtags are transferred to other Contractor staff throughout the duration of the project, such updated information shall be promptly provided to the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  • In the event that any or all parking hangtags are no longer required by the Contractor, they shall be promptly turned into the Department of Parking and Transportation.
  • Contractor staff shall park in accordance with all University parking rules and regulations in parking spaces designated as “student”, “staff” or “service vehicles only-up to 3 hours”. Parking hangtag is valid only when vehicle operator is performing services in conjunction with the project indicated on the appicaton form.