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Environment, Health and Safety

Food Permits

All campus events where food is served or sold must have an approved Food Sevice Permit issued by EH&S. The types of approved food service events are:

Pot Luck Suppers, Picnics & Luncheons

Pot luck suppers are restricted to those functions where preparation of food is the responsibility of individuals and the amount of food prepared is limited. Example: a casserole of curried chicken for 12 persons. The number of persons attending such an affair is usually small, under 100 and limited to members and friends of the organization. Picnics and Luncheons are treated the same as pot luck suppers.

Social Organization Sale Of Pastries (Day Sales)

Social organizations such as fraternities, sororities, team groups, etc. often wish to raise funds for a special activity. The usual means is to have members donate cakes and cookies and promote sales in areas of high student activity.


A dinner is differentiated from a pot luck supper in that the occasion is for larger numbers of persons, is advertised as open to the public and the food is prepared in large quantities. 

How to Obtain a Food Permit

In order to obtain a permit, fill out the "Food Service Permit Application" form below. Sponsors must use a food preparation area (kitchen) and serving equipment which will meet the “Food Safety Rules and Guidlines”. In some cases, your event may require a permit from the Erie County Health Department. If so, EH&S will process the additional paperwork on behalf of the Sponsoring Organization.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to review and process your request.

Note: If your event covers consecutive dates, you only have to fill out one application. If the event is over non-consecutive days, please fill out a separate application for each date.

Food Service Permit Application