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Environment, Health and Safety


EH&S can assist you in setting up your work space in an egronomically correct manner.

Ergonomics Guidance

ergonomics workstation graphic

Computer Workstation Ergonomic Self Evaluations (pdf) - Guidance to perform a preliminary evaluation of your workstation, and make any adjustments that are necessary to achieve a correct neutral posture.

Eyes & Vision (pdf) - use this guide to improve visual comfort while working with computers for extended periods

Ergonomic Body Solutions (pdf) - a guide to avoid common causes of muscle, joint and tendon problems

Ergonomics for Everyone (pdf) - a short slide show demonstrating good ergonomic practices

If you need additional instructions on how to arrange your workstation or chair, contact your supervisor or EH&S at 829-3301.

Ergonomic Links

Industry Standards:

OSHA (general) OSHA Computer Workstations



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