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Environment, Health and Safety

Visual & Performing Arts Safety

Hazards in the art world can be present in sculpting, painting, wood/metal work, in front of or behind the stage.

Safety in Art Studios

There are many types of hazards associated with the arts and crafts, including, physical accidents, fire and exposure to dangerous chemicals used often on a daily basis. Of these, chemical hazards are probably the least known. Effects of these hazards can include: lead poisoning in potters; solvent overexposure in printmakers and painters; sulfur dioxide gas exposure in potters; accidents related to special effects and electrical work in theater personnel; hearing loss and tendonitis in musicians.

Hazards in Visual Arts include:

  • Heat and metal fumes - Metals and welding
  • Pigments and solvents – Painting
  • Dust and liquids – Sculpting
  • Organic hazards - Painters and graphic artists
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Electrical Hazards

Hazards in Performing Arts include:

  • Physical hazards (falls, trips) from stage, scaffolding, ladders, set construction
  • Electrical Hazards


EH&S can assist in identify hazards in your workplace. Contact us at 829-3301 for more information.

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