Environment, Health and Safety

Annual Fire Inspection

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control performs annual inspections of facilities on campus for violations of the State Fire Code. Inspections begin in the Fall, and followups are conducted at the start of the new year. The most common violations are the improper use of extension cords.

Extension cords and flexible cords are not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring. Extension cords and flexible cords shall not be affixed to structures, extended through walls, ceilings or floors, or under doors or floor coverings, nor shall such cords be subject to environmental damage or physical impact. Extension cords shall be used only with portable appliances. (Source: Fire Code of New Yok State, §F605.5 Extension cords)

Common Fire Code Violations

On a regular basis, you should check your area to make sure you are in compliance with the New York State Fire Code:

  • Combustible waste material accumulation in building or structure
  • Ceiling clearance not maintained (Sprinklered rooms 18”; Non-sprinklered rooms 24”)
  • Combustible materials stored in exits or exit enclosures
  • Combustible material stored in boiler, mechanical, or electrical room
  • Access to fire department equipment obstructed
  • Appliance not plugged directly into outlet (non-portable)
  • Workspace clearance not maintained in front of electrical panel box 36”
  • Multi-plug adapter are non-compliant and shall be prohibited
  • Extension cords being used in place of permanent wiring
  • Daisy chaining of power strips
  • Fire extinguisher obstructed or obscured from view
  • Means of egress is obstructed and not readily available for use
  • Exit blocked by furnishings or decorations
  • Required width of egress aisle not maintained
  • Quantities exceed maximum allowed per control area
  • Rooms or cabinets containing compressed gas not labeled
  • Hazardous materials not properly stored- incompatible materials
  • Compressed gas cylinders not properly secured
  • Portable heaters not plugged in directly; kept 3 feet from combustibles

Improper use of surge protectors

Daisy-chaining of two surge protectors is not allowed under the NYS Fire Code.

Proper Use of an extension cord

Proper use of an extension cord used with a surge protector