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Environment, Health and Safety

IBC Registration

All recombinant DNA and infectious agent work activities, even if exempt from full Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) review under NIH guidelines, must be registered (granting agencies often request information on research review status from our office). 

Register Your Work

To register your biosafety related work, click on the "IBC Protocol Application" button and fill out the online form. Note that you can save and resume your work on the form at any time from any computer. Once approved by the IBC, your project will be authorized for a three year period.

Changes to Your Approved Protocol

If modifications of your previously approved protocol (including personnel changes or additional grant titles) are needed or requested by the IBC, click on the "Amendment Request" button and complete only the sections of the form that need changing.

Biosafety Levels

Please note there is an additional Biosafety Level Category listed as BSL-2+. This indicates that the risk analysis of the work activity requires the physical containment and protocol requirements of BSL-2 containment with additional special practices requirements. For example, in the case of the use of a second generation Lentiviral vector used to deliver an oncogene. It would be prudent to carry out ALL work with this agent in a Biosafety Cabinet in a restricted area, accessible only by trained and appropriately garbed personnel. Click for biosafety level Information (pdf).