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The University at Buffalo is committed to promoting a safe and environmentally sound campus environment that is conducive to the highest level of education and research. The Environment, Health and Safety department anticipates, recognizes, evaluates and controls all safety hazards at the University while striving to protect human health and the environment.

EH&S Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I call if I have a safety or health concern?

On the UB campus, immediately call Environment, Health and Safety at 829-3301 or dial 645-2222 to contact University Police.

Where do I get information about campus emergency procedures and announcements?

Visit the University at Buffalo Emergency Preparedness Website.

Who should I call for indoor air quality (IAQ) issues?

Natural gas odors, sewer gas odors, and visible mold issues should be called into Customer Service at 645-2025.  All other IAQ concerns should be called into the EH&S Service Request line at 829-3301.

How do I report an injury?

After getting medical attention as needed, call Annette Lozo, Workers Comp. Administrator, at 645-4379 if you are an employee.  Also see the Workers’ Compensation Accident/Injury Report Form

How can I get help with my computer setup?

If you would like an assessment of your work station, contact us at 829-3301.  For further information visit our Ergonomics page.

How do I dispose of hazardous waste?

Hazardous wastes are regulated under stringent USEPA and NYSDEC regulations. UB EHS collects hazardous wastes from all campus locations including the Downtown campus. Once your waste containers area properly identified, labeled, and ready for disposal, complete a hazardous waste pick up request form and either fax or e-mail it to UB EHS. We will then make arrangements for collection.  For further information on the management, storage and disposal of hazardous waste, visit our Hazardous Waste page.

What should I do with a broken mercury thermometer?

If you break a mercury thermometer and have a mercury spill kit in your area, use the spill media contained in the kit to absorb the mercury and then collect it in a suitable container. Place a hazardous waste label on the container and arrange for UB EHS to collect it. If the mercury has rolled into an area that is not easily accessible or you prefer not to clean up the mercury yourself, contact the UB EHS service request line at 829-3301. EHS will respond and collect the mercury using a specialized HEPA vacuum that will scoop up the residual mercury and broken glass. Do not use a conventional vacuum for this. Labs should consider replacing all mercury thermometers with less toxic and just as accurate alcohol type.

How do I obtain hazardous waste and RCRA empty container labels?

Hazardous waste and RCRA empty container labels can be obtained through the UB EHS office at no charge. Contact the UB EHS service request line at 829-3301.

Where can I get a laboratory sign for my door?

EH&S can provide door signage for laboratories and areas that use hazardous material. Information on the sign can inform staff and emergency responders to the types of hazards that are in the lab and if any precautions are required.  To request a sign, visit the Laboratory Door Sign page.

How do I recycle batteries at UB?

UB recycles both alkaline and rechargeable batteries here on campus. For regulatory reasons,  both types must be in separate containers. Visit the Battery Recycling page for specific locations where you can drop off your batteries for recycling.

When are documented radioactive materials laboratory contamination surveys due?

Monthly survey reports are due by the first of each month documenting the status of radioactive materials use for the previous month.  The report must document “active” or “inactive” status of all authorized radioactive materials laboratories assigned to the Principal Investigator.  Survey reports documenting “active” laboratory status must include radioactive contamination survey results (survey meter and wipes) for each lab where radioactive materials was used.
See the pages 6-8 of the Radioactive Materials Safety Manual (pdf) and the Radioactive Materials Laboratory Survey Report (pdf) or call EH&S Radiation Safety at  829-3281 for more information.