Exterior Signage Request

The University at Buffalo is committed to maintaining a consistant look and feel to the campus' wayfinding.  The Signage Review committee and Facilities Planning and Design review all sign requests.

Please review the exterior campus signage policy and sign standards manual, and follow the instructions below for requesting changes to existing exterior signage or the creation of a new exterior sign.

Details and the University's policy can be found at the Exterior Campus Signage Policy web page.

The Sign Standards Manual summarizes the master sign program, and sets criteria for implementing and maintaining a unified system for current and future generations.

Interior Signs

Customer Service and Maintenance handles interior signage requests. For more information, click here.

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Please Note: Signage installation is based on the current weather conditions. Our installer need at least a week or more of temperatures above 55-60 degrees to apply vinyl letters or the letters will not set to the sign.  For requests of this type during the cold temperature time period, the request is deferred until spring after it has warmed up.

Request an Exterior Sign