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Customer Service and Maintenance

ADA Interior Signage Request

The university is working in compliance with the American with Disability Act to provide the ability to purchase ADA room signage.

The image below is the ASI standard sign type and the base sign estimate (pricing does not include installation)

Sign Type............A1.1

COST (per sign)...$59.50
(as of 10/02/17)

ADA sign example

If an ADA Signage Request Form is submitted, it is routed in the following way:

  1. To Facilities Planning and Design for verification of room number accuracy.
  2. To Customer Service. Once the room numbers are verified, Customer Service will contact you with the vendor’s information to purchase the signs. All payments for the signs are made directly to the vendor.
  3. The estimate above does not include installation. University Facilities Sign Shop will install the signs and an estimate will be provided to you separately.  If removal of the old signage had caused any damage, the cost of additional repairs may be included.

Request an ADA Sign