Exterior Signage Policy

This policy applies to all Exterior Campus Sign Requests of any type. Exterior campus signs include all gateway signs, vehicular and pedestrian way-finding signs, building and parking lot signs, directories, event signs, and temporary signs.

This policy statement establishes the University at Buffalo's policies and procedures regarding exterior campus signage.


The University at Buffalo has created an exterior signage system that will provide an effective way-finding system, establish its presence and boundaries, and promote a positive image for the University.

Accordingly, the University at Buffalo has developed a complete set of design standards for exterior campus signs. This effort was a collaboration between the University-wide signage committee and an architectural and graphic design firm, Sasaki Associates. These design standards provide the specifications for the size, shape, colors and fonts to be utilized on all exterior signage. To insure a uniform aesthetic look, procedures have been established to handle signage requests.

To meet the differing signage needs of the Campus, eighteen sign types plus two variations were created. They are illustrated in UB Signage Types.

All regulatory signs relating to vehicular traffic and parking are the responsibility of the UB Police - Parking & Transportation Office and are not covered in this policy statement. All regulatory signage will be in accordance with the NYS Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices. The Director of UB Police must approve all requests for regulatory signs.


The initial composition and placement of the permanent gateway, vehicular and pedestrian way-finding, building and parking signs were all determined by the Campus-wide signage committee and University Facilities. Requests for new permanent signs and changes to existing permanent signs must be approved by the Office of Facilities Planning and Design and the Signage Review Committee. Facilities Planning and Design is the contact within University Facilities that will review each proposed permanent sign and sign location to insure that the design criteria remain uniform for exterior signage throughout the Campus. The Signage Review Committee will render a decision and notify the requestor within 20 working days of the request.

There are two types of temporary signs: seasonal and event signs. The six seasonal sign locations (E-2) contain campus-wide messages established by Student Affairs that follow an annual schedule. All other seasonal sign types must conform to this annual schedule.

The campus event signs (E-3) are boards that have a capacity for four different messages to support various special events sponsored by University departments. Up to six locations (five on the North Campus, one on the South Campus) are available. These event messages are requested by dialing 645-2025 on campus, and placing a work order. There will be a charge per event sign.

All special event signs will adhere to the official University exterior signage system. No temporary special event or way-finding signs will be permitted without prior approval of the Signage Review Committee. Visitors should be directed using appropriate signage as specified in this policy. Brochures and marketing materials advertising events should reference these signs.