What We Do

As stewards of the university’s utility resources, Utilities Management is committed to purchasing energy with the highest standards of integrity and accountability. Cost-effectiveness balanced with energy conservation and the procurement of clean renewable energy enables us to succeed in our mission.

Here's a list of our duties:

  • Utility Procurement
  • Utility Reporting - Cost and Usage
  • Tracking and review of utility bills
  • Maintenance of energy costs and usage
  • Preparation of utility cost and usage reports (in-house, student, and SUNY)
  • Calculation and preparation of utility bills for student housing and off-site locations
  • Managing energy price risk strategies
  • Insure integrity of utility metering
  • Load forecasting and energy use trending for budgeting (used for HVAC optimization, infrastructure planning, new build and building renovations)
  • Optimization of thermal production efficiency (plant manager assistance)
  • Energy audits to conserve energy and reduce related costs
  • Investigation of new energy efficient technologies
  • Working closely with student and faculty groups to promote sustainability and energy conservation
  • Encouraging campus community interest in new equipment and technologies
  • Collection of weather data
  • Assisting operations staff with building energy management systems (EMS)
  • Assist with renovations, maintenance, expansion, and capital projects related to energy systems
  • Comply with NYS Executive Order 88 audit and reporting requirements