2017 UB Business Day Presentations

Thank you for supporting UB Business Day 2017. We hope you enjoyed the opportunity to learn about important business topics and discuss your business needs with subject matter experts. For your convenience, we have provided links to presentations.

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A Recipe for Reporting Success Using Data Cookbook

Michele Sedor, Lynne DePasquale and Jon Havey — Institutional Analysis

Have you ever looked at reports with a similar purpose, and wonder why the numbers were different? Come learn about UB’s Data Cookbook software, and how it will assist you in understanding terms, as well as what a report is really describing.

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Click Grants — A New Electronic System Supporting RF Grant Submissions

Mary Kraft and Joe Kraft — Sponsored Project Services

Click is here!

Click is a new pre-award and compliance system for Research Foundation funds. This workshop will provide a demonstration of the process of submitting a grant through Click. Click automates the submission, review and approval processes while managing all major administrative aspects of the research and compliance lifecycle - from proposal development and submission through compliance checks, negotiations, award setup and award management to eventual project closeout.

The SUNY Pre-Award and Compliance System (PACS) is a multi-year collaboration created to support investigators and students along with compliance and research administrative staff by giving them a new administrative tool - the Click Portal. UB has led the system-wide effort and was the first SUNY campus to go-live with Click IRB in the fall of 2015.

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Design Matters: Our Campus Experience

Kelly Hayes McAlonie, Daryl Ryan and Sean Brodfuehrer — Capital Planning

Our building spaces and landscapes have a significant impact on the experiences that we have as faculty, staff and students. Please join us as we discuss upcoming projects in development to enhance our UB campus experience

Develop a Plan For Your Career at UB

Nicole Hayden and Kelli Hennessy — Organizational Development and Training (OD&T)

Learn about the new Career Coaching Service being offered through HR's Organizational Development and Training department.  This service utilizes the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment to reveal natural talents and then pairs you one-on-one with a coach to examine where your current and potential capabilities lie. During this session, you will begin to develop a personal growth plan and learn how to utilize UB EDGE to take charge of your own professional development to proactively shape your career path at UB.

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Emergency Preparedness

Jay Roorbach — Emergency Management

Join us for an overview of emergency preparedness plans, procedures and policies as they apply to the entire university community. Additionally, we will learn well-practiced strategies for individuals to be prepared for emergencies at home, work or school.

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Growing Workplace Compassion: A Good Business and Personal Decision

Neil McGillicuddy — Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This workshop, presented by the university's Employee Assistance Program, will focus on the benefits of what it means to  contribute to, and be part of a compassionate workplace.

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Managing University Equipment

Nicole Mayer and Heidi Retzer — Procurement Services

Exclusively for departmental inventory coordinators, we will discuss the role of departmental inventory coordinators and their responsibilities as they relate to the Managing University Equipment Policy.

Topics to be covered:

  • What determines what equipment is recorded
  • What documentation Inventory Services needs from the departments
  • Did you know incorrect reporting of equipment can jeopardize grant funding
  • What does SUNY and RF require
  • Why does Inventory Services affix asset tags/stickers on equipment
  • What do you do with a Bi-Annual Re-Inventory report

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New - Concur Expense Software

Dominic Lotempio — Procurement Services

Stephen Russell, Stephanie Petrie — The Travel Team Inc.

Join us for a high level review of the university's new expense reporting software, Concur Expense. Concur's travel booking software will also be discussed. This presentation pertains to all funding sources.

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Panel Discussion With University Faclities

Tonga Pham, Scott Ludtka, Joe Raab and Kelly Hayes McAlonie — University Facilities

University Facilities will have representatives from Capital Planning, Environment Health & Safety, Operations and Planning & Design available to answer questions on facilities topic such as: the university master plan, rehab projects, work orders, capital projects etc.

Procurement and Expense Training

Beth Corry, John Grabowski, Heidi Retzer and Angie Rzeszut — Business Services

In this session, we will discuss the following procurement-related topics: purchasing dollar thresholds, approval authority, tenants of stewardship, business purpose, and the policies and sources to reference when conducting university business. This presentation pertains to all funding sources.

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Recruitment at UB

Brendan Tom, Delorian Miller and Jamie Bluhm — Human Resources

Learn about the possibilities available through the upgraded UB Jobs application. 

HR staff will talk about new features available within UB Jobs that will help search committees and departments manage their postings in a different way as well as discuss best recruitment practices.

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Safeguarding Cash and Cash Equivalents

Tricia Canty and Carrie Hutchins — Financial Management

This presentation will cover the importance of segregation of duties, how to safeguard personal information, credit card numbers, cash and checks. Also how to recognize risks to your department and alternative ways to collect revenue into IFR accounts (i.e. Epay). We will discuss what happens when internal controls are compromised and learn best practices to insure compliance with UB and SUNY policies, state and federal laws.

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Shared Governance and the Professional Staff Senate

David Love, Dominic Licata — Professional Staff Senate (PSS)

UB is one of the rare SUNY institutions that has distinct senates specifically for faculty and staff. Come find out how you can become involved with providing valuable assistance helping meet the missions and goals of the university.

SciQuest Implementation

John Grabowski — Procurement Services

A new more comprehensive eProcurement system will be replacing UB's eReq system. The new system will encompass all aspect of the procurement process and pertains to all funding sources.

SIRI Panel Discussion

Tom Okon, Donna Czaja — Business Reporting and Systems
Mike Korona — Registrar
Valerie Dennis, Michelle McCartney — Financial Management
Amanda Brown — Human Resources
Mary Luisi, Joe Lewandowski — Resource Planning

A panel of experts (Student, Financial, Human Resources, Resource Planning) will discuss how to utilize SIRI to meet your reporting needs, including: best practices, tips and tricks, and shortcuts. Also, registered attendees will be encouraged to send questions to the panel ahead of time to be addressed during the session.

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UB Brand Has Launched — Now What?

Elena Conti-Blatto — University Communications

Now that we have launched the UB brand, how do we align with the university's master brand story? Join us as we explore the tools, templates and examples available to make everyone's job easier and make sure we are all on brand. We will explore the brand site in detail and share examples of how the brand has come to life around our university. Opportunity for Q&A throughout.

UBF's New Business System — What It Means For You

Ed Schneider and Chris Decker — UB Foundation

You will have an opportunity to learn about reporting changes that have already been implemented, as well as those that will be forthcoming, as part of UBF's implementation of its new business system. Impacts to revenues, expenditures, and payroll will be covered. Time permitting, other questions about UBF revenues and expenditures will be answered.

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Understanding Conflict of Interest

Kara Kearney-Saylor — Internal Audit

Members of the UB community are committed to identifying and avoiding situations and activities that constitute a conflict of interest in the execution of their duties. This presentation will help you identify and avoid potential conflicts.

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What's the Risk of Using a Mobile Device For Work at UB?

Brian Hines — Policy and Operational Excellence

Catherine Ullman — Information Security

Many of us at UB access university data using a mobile device. As technology advances so do the risks associated with that technology. This presentation examines the risks of using a smartphone or any mobile device including a tablet or laptop for work as well as best practices to protect the data stored on them from harm. Some issues associated with using a mobile device for work include ownership, security, privacy, compliance and liability. We also discuss the University at Buffalo and SUNY policies associated with these devices and your responsibility related to these policies.

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Writing University Policies

Pamela Lojacono — Policy and Operational Excellence

Policies and procedures are essential to the operation of every organization, but writing them may seem like a daunting task. Join us to learn about the UB policy development process and guidelines to help you draft a successful policy.

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