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UB Business Day Sessions

We've got an amazing line-up for you! It's a full day with twenty sessions and we've chosen our speakers to bring you topics that will keep you up to date!

9:00 am to 9:40 am time section bar

HUB: An Administrative View

Kathleen Kielar

Kathleen Kielar, HUB Student Support System

What are the administrative modules that comprise HUB?


  • How to obtain access to administrative modules related to your work
  • How to get assistance for your HUB questions
  • Where to find instructional materials


HUB Overview (pdf)

Payment Card Data Security – Practical Solutions

Mark Mariglia

Mark Mariglia, Financial Services

Everyone handles payment card data on a daily basis, either in our own personal lives or in our work at the University.


  • Practical solutions to the major issues involving payment card data security - data protection, data access, and data security procedures.
  • Best practices
  • Payment card data security gone wrong that will help you avoid common pitfalls


Payment Card Data Security Practical Solutions (pdf)

Research Foundation Retiree Benefits

Rosemary Tripi

Rosemary Tripi, Research Foundation Human Resource Services

Are you a Research Foundation employee considering retirement?  Benefit information is an important aspect of your retirement decision.


  • Eligibility requirements for retiree health insurance
  • Dental, vision, and life insurance benefits during retirement
  • Leave accrual calculations
  • Information for employees considering retirement within the next few years


Retirement Session (pdf)

Back to School, Back to Travel

Heidi Retzer and Meg Mitchell

Heidi Retzer, Research and State Accounts Payable, Travel and Inventory

Meg Mitchell, Travel Services

The Travel Services staff is looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your travel-related concerns and answer your questions.  We’ll present helpful information for those who make travel arrangements and prepare reimbursement paperwork.    


  • How to obtain reimbursement for airfare
  • Insurance to purchase when renting a car
  • Paying the single room rate when attending a conference
  • How to use per diem rates


Back to School Back to Travel (pdf)

10:00 am to 10:40 am time section bar

SIRI: Accessing Student Data

Kathleen Kielar

Kathleen Kielar, HUB Student Support System

The HUB Student Records module includes Program Plan, Enrollment, Curriculum Management, Grading/End of Term Processing, Transcripts, Transfer Credit, and Degree Conferral.  The Student Records module assists university staff in the overall processing and maintenance of current and former student records.  


  • How to identify policies related to student data 
  • How to obtain SIRI access
  • How to identify the different types of SIRI student data queries


SIRI Overview (pdf)

University Fee Review and Approval Process

Carrie Hutchins and Elizabeth Harmon

Carrie Hutchins, Elizabeth Harmon - Financial Services

Does your unit assess a university fee or service center fee?  Are you looking to establish a fee?  We will review the process of establishing and approving fees.


  • Changes to the University fee process, including the time-line
  • Fee types
  • How to complete fee paperwork


Annual Fee Review & Approval Process (pdf)

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

Ann Marie Davis, Claudia Samulski, Human Resources

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.  FMLA examples will be provided for State and Research Foundation Employees.


  • FMLA process, from beginning to completion
  • Where to start
  • Departmental responsibilities
  • Human Resources responsibilities


Family Medical Leave Act (pdf)

Build Effective Partnerships

Kelli Hennessy and Suzy Shallowhorn

Kelli Hennessy, Suzy Shallowhorn, Organizational Development and Training

Discover tips and resources to help you to partner more effectively with those you interact with personally and professionally. Getting to know yourself better can help enhance your relationships.


  • Behaviors involved in developing successful partnerships
  • Why using a win-win approach is the most effective way to get the outcomes you desire
  • Information and resources to cultivate successful partnerships
  • Interest-based negotiation skills


Build Effective Partnerships (pdf)

11:00 am to 11:40 am time section bar

Active Shooter Training

Lt Scott Marciszewski, University Police

Although the likelihood of a shooter on campus is remote, it is best to be prepared for any situation.  Active shooter situations are unpredictable, evolve quickly, and are often over in 10 to 15 minutes.


  • How to be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with an active shooter situation
  • Actions individuals should take in such an incident


Surviving an Active Shooter on Campus (pdf)

Leadership Lessons from the Fast Food Industry

Jerry Newman

Jerry Newman, SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor School of Management

Professor Newman worked undercover as a crew member in seven fast food restaurants to covertly assess management styles, techniques, and performance.


  • The diversity of management styles that permeate the fast-food business
  • How the culture of the work environment affects job performance
  • Lessons helpful to managers in almost every business segment


Leadership Lessons (pdf)

Ergonomic Solutions – Adjusting Your Work Station to Fit You

Kelly Haidar, Carol Schmeidler - Environment, Health and Safety Services

Ergonomic tools can help you assess your work station and allow you to make improvements that will make you more comfortable.


  • How to perform a preliminary analysis of your work station
  • How to adjust your office work station
  • Ergonomic aids available from the EH&S Ergonomics Laboratory


Ergonomic Solutions – Adjusting your Workstation to Fit You (pdf)

Sponsored Projects Services Overview of Budget Development and Proposal Submission

Amy Lagowski and Martina Tsaia

Amy Lagowski, Martina Tsai, Sponsored Projects Services

Research Foundation (RF) Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) reviews and approves grant proposals to government agencies, private foundations, corporations, and other external organizations prior to submission.  The SPS staff can provide assistance and advice on budget preparation and grant submissions.


  • Budget preparation and proposal submission services
  • Overview of applicable policies and procedures
  • Resources for successful proposal submission


Sponsored Projects Overview of Budget Development and Proposal Submission (pdf)

1:30 pm to 2:10 pm time section bar

Business Systems Transformation (BST) Enhancements

Beth Corry, Michelle McCartney, and Tom Okon

Beth Corry, Michelle McCartney, Financial Services

Tom Okon, Business Reporting and Services

The Business System Transformation Project has resulted in a number of changes and enhancements.  Join us as we discuss the new capabilities resulting from BST.


  • Enhancements in the ability to encumber
  • Recording cash at the sub-account level
  • Identifying detailed payroll expenditures
  • Changes in SIRI views
  • Relationship between major/minor object and budget objects


Business Systems Transformation (BST) Enhancements (pdf)

Research Foundation Self-Service and Open Enrollment

Zachary Jenney

Zachary Jenney, Research Foundation Human Resources

Open enrollment is the opportunity to choose the health, dental, and vision benefits you want for 2015.


  • Research Foundation benefits changes for 2015
  • How to access the regular employee self-service application
  • How to make open enrollment changes for 2015


2015 Open Enrollment and Benefits Self Service (pdf)

Keys to Successfully Managing Student Employees

Susan Steck and Nancy Schimenti

Susan Steck, Nancy Schimenti, Organizational Effectiveness and Orientation Programs

Managing student employees can sometimes be more challenging than we expect.  Set your students up for success, empowering them to be a productive member of your team while allowing you more time to focus on your primary responsibilities.


  • Student management strategies
  • What you can do to ensure your student employees are well prepared to contribute your department's goals
  • The value of coaching, training, and orienting your student employees


Keys to Successfully Managing Student Employees (pdf)

How to Access UB Suppliers

Renee Braun, Linda Deni, Tricia Kandler, and Cheri Weber

Renee Braun, Linda Deni, Tricia Kandler, Cheri Weber, Procurement Services

When selecting a supplier, the goal is to achieve the best possible combination of service and cost while meeting certain purchasing initiatives.   


  • How to access eProcurement, online, preferred, and diversity suppliers
  • How to locate and select a supplier in eReq


How to Access UB Suppliers (pdf)

2:30 pm to 3:10 pm time section bar

State Retirement Planning

Anne Bielinski and Lissa Jasinowski

Anne Bielinski, Lissa Jasinowski -Human Resources

How do you plan for retirement?  This session provides state employees with a timeline for retirement planning, information about state retirement plans, and tax deferred savings options.


  • How to plan for your retirement
  • Options for tax-deferring through approved SUNY vendors
  • Pay check calculator to determine how much to tax defer
  • Information for employees considering retirement within the next few years


Planning For Retirement (pdf)

UB Foundation Expenditures

Ed Schneider

Edward Schneider, University at Buffalo Foundation and staff

Attend an open dialog on expenditure processing for UB Foundation accounts.  Bring your questions.


  • Expenditure processing
  • Accounts payable and payroll transactions
  • Similarities and differences between use of UB Foundation resources and other University resources


UB Foundation Expenditures (pdf)

An Effective Chart of Accounts

Beth Corry and Valerie Dennis

Beth Corry, Valerie Dennis - Financial Services

Is your existing chart of accounts holding your unit back?  An effective chart of accounts supports departmental reporting needs, provides clarity as to what expenses should be charged to what account, and directly contributes to operational efficiency.


  • How simple changes to your existing account structure can:

             - improve your reporting capabilities in SIRI

             - contribute toward enhanced analysis capability

             - support University initiatives and requirements


Build an Effective Chart of Accounts (pdf)

Make Wellness Work for You!

Amy Myszka, Lydia Conroy, and Pete Logiudice

Amy Myszka, Lydia Conroy, Pete Logiudice - Wellness & Work/Life Balance

The University values the physical and emotional well-being of our faculty and staff and strives to promote a healthy work environment.  Become familiar with the tools and resources offered by the University that are important in maintaining good health.   


  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Campus Walks, and Fit & Fuel programs
  • How to stay healthy during the holidays
  • Virgin Pulse, a new state-wide wellness program for RF employees  


Make Wellness Work For You (pdf)