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UB Business Day Sessions

We've got an amazing line-up for you! It's a full day with twenty sessions and we've chosen our speakers to bring you topics that will keep you up to date!

9:00 am to 9:40 am time section bar

Achieving Your Best Work/Life Balance

Amy Myszka, Pete Logiudice, and Lydia Conroy

Amy Myszka, Pete Logiudice, and Lydia Conroy, Wellness and Work/Life Balance

Achieving work/life balance can seem almost impossible, but on-campus resources are available to help you.  Become familiar with these resources and how to use them to cope with the stressors in your personal life.


  • What campus resources are available to help you be at your best
  • How to deal with stressors in your personal life
  • How to create a better working environment for yourself


Cash Receipts - Internal Control Essentials

Mark Mariglia

Mark Mariglia, Financial Services

This presentation will take the audience through the necessary internal controls regarding cash receipts. The topics presented will not be regarding specific procedures, but rather the internal control essentials to keep in mind when setting up or reviewing cash receipt procedures within one's department.


  • How to safeguard your cash receipts
  • How cash receipt responsibilities should be segregated among your staff
  • Recommended timeframes for depositing cash
  • Controls for debit/credit cards
  • Reconciliation of cash receipts


Employee Life Cycle - Career to Retirement

Lissa Jasinowski and Anne Bielinski

Lissa Jasinowski and Anne Bielinski, University Human Resources

How do you plan for retirement?  This session provides an employee timeline for retirement planning, information about state retirement plans, and tax deferred savings options.


  • How to plan for your retirement
  • Options for tax-deferring through approved SUNY vendors
  • Pay check calculator to determine how much to tax defer
  • Information for employees considering retirement within the next few years


How to Purchase Computers and IT Supplies

Cheri Weber

Cheri Weber, Procurement Services

Do you need to buy a new computer or information technology (IT) supplies?  This session will guide you through the process of purchasing a computer, hardware, software, and IT supplies.  We will review the UB 2020 workstation standards and the newly redesigned UBIT website at 


  • Where to find information for IT purchases including hardware, software, and repair services    
  • What are the UB 2020 workstation standards and where to find IT information on the various UB websites
  • Recommended suppliers for procuring computers, software, IT products, and computer repairs
  • How to navigate the online Dell and Apple UB stores to generate a quote or make a Procurement Card purchase


10:00 am to 10:40 am time section bar

Family Medical Leave Act

Claudia Samulski

Claudia Samulski, University Human Resources

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.  FMLA examples will be provided.


  • FMLA process, from beginning to completion
  • Where to start
  • Departmental responsibilities
  • Human Resources responsibilities


Putting Employee Discounts to Work for You!

Amy Myszka, Pete Logiudice, and Lydia Conroy

Amy Myszka, Pete Logiudice, and Lydia Conroy, Wellness and Work/Life Balance

Many UB employees have no idea just how many employee discounts they’re missing out on.  Do you want to take advantage of employee discounts?  We’ll show you how!


  • How to navigate the employee discount website at 
  • How to use the Tickets at Work program for Vegas and Broadway shows
  • How to obtain discounts for Universal, Orlando, and other theme parks
  • How to use the SUNY Perks state-wide program


RF SPS Overview of Budget Development and Proposal Submission

Katie Odura and Diane Dempsey

Katie Oduro and Diane Dempsey, Sponsored Projects Services

Research Foundation (RF) Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) reviews and approves grant proposals to government agencies, private foundations, corporations, and other external organizations prior to submission.  The SPS staff can provide assistance and advice on budget preparation and grant submissions.     


  • Who’s who in SPS
  • Importance of effective team work when developing budgets and proposals
  • Overview of the budget development and proposal submission process
  • Suggested time lines


SIRI - What's New and What's Coming

Tom Okon and Donna Czaja

Tom Okon and Donna Czaja, Business Reporting and Systems

See the new SIRI dashboards, reports, and features available now.   Preview the new version of SIRI under development to get a glimpse of where SIRI is headed.               


  • New dashboards, reports, and features
  • New data areas including Physical Space and Research Indirect Cost Recovery
  • New Human Resources reports


11:00 am to 11:40 am time section bar

How to Succeed Through Emotional Intelligence

Courtney Walsh

Courtney Walsh, Center for Executive Development

Gain appreciation of management challenges and responsibilities, and insight into the intricacies of working with team members and fellow employees.


  • Concept and definition of Emotional Intelligence (EI) through hands-on, interactive exercises
  • How to use EI component competencies to stimulate outstanding performance
  • How to recognize strong and weak EI in individuals
  • What EI competencies matter the most


Navigating Procurement

Heidi Retzer, John Grabowski, and Sandy McMullen

Heidi Retzer, John Grabowski, and Sandy McMullen, Procurement Services   

Join us for an overview of procurement-related resources.  We will discuss frequently asked eReq questions and various aspects of receiving and payment procedures.   Please email your eReq and purchasing questions in advance to Sandy McMullen at


  • Where to find procurement-related resources on the UBBusiness website
  • How to establish an eReq approver, enter and cancel an eReq, search for a supplier, add an attachment, and add an account
  • How to use SIRI to find State payment and historical eReq information


Tips for Working Parents

Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner

Crystal Kaczmarek-Bogner, Employee Assistance Program

Being a working parent is challenging.  It involves a balancing act between meeting your child’s needs for care and attention, sharing a satisfying relationship with your partner and friends, and being a reliable and competent employee.   


  • Time management tips
  • Stress reduction methods
  • Child care planning
  • Available resources


UB Foundation Q & A

Ed Schneider

Edward  Schneider, Chris Decker, and Elaine Schaffer, UB Foundation

Attend an open dialogue on any issues regarding UBF administration and business reporting.  We’ll discuss the management information tool UBFirst, as well as proper utilization of endowment funds, including unutilized and underutilized endowments.  Bring your questions.


  • Revenue/disbursements
  • Purchasing, payroll and benefits administration


1:30 pm to 2:10 pm time section bar

Fund Transfers and Payments

Erin Govern and Carrie Hutchins

Erin Govern and Carrie Hutchins, Financial Services

This session addresses interagency journal transfers, revenue transfers, interdepartmental invoices (IDIs), and payments to individuals (under $250).


  • When to use interagency journals and the common state entities paid by them
  • When to use revenue transfers
  • When to use an IDI
  • When to use a RAP form, how to complete one, and how payments are made to individuals


Getting Up to Speed on LinkedIn

Kristi Fields and Ed Brodka

Kristi Fields and Ed Brodka, UB Career Services

Whether you are looking for a job or looking to do your current job better, LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, can be a valuable tool.  LinkedIn connects professionals to help make them more productive and successful.  When you join LinkedIn, you get access to people, jobs, news, updates, and insights that help you be great at what you do.


  • Importance of having a LinkedIn profile
  • How to create an effective profile
  • How to use LinkedIn to meet professional goals


Rehabs and Renovations: Where Do I Start?

Cheryl Bailey and Martin Hohle

Cheryl Bailey, Capital Planning Group
Martin Hohle, Facilities Planning and Design

Do you need to update aesthetics, expand, develop an enhanced office or lab layout, add equipment, move locations, or improve utilization?  Requests for rehabs and renovation projects start with the Capital Planning Group which orchestrates the pre-construction planning and programming phases of capital rehab programs, while coordinating all university space management activities.      


  • Relationship between Capital Planning Group and Facilities Planning and Design
  • Capital project rehab and renovation project process and basic timetables
  • Space utilization principles
  • Your responsibilities as requestor of a project


SIRI Student Reporting

Gary Pacer

Mark Molnar, Institutional Analysis
Jon Havey and Irene Holohan-Moyer, HUB Support Office - Student Information Systems
Gary Pacer, Enterprise Application Services

Take a tour of the student information world at UB.  This presentation will trace the flow of information from its origination point in HUB to both InfoSource and SIRI.     


  • About SIRI reports
  • How to seek answers to questions about the data
  • Appropriate uses of the data


2:30 pm to 3:10 pm time section bar

Everyday Security

Jeff Murphy

Jeff Murphy and Cathy Ullman, Information Security Office

Email scams?  Unsolicited phone calls?  Computer acting funny?  Everyday we are bombarded by scams and mischief.  What can we trust? How do we know when something is a problem?  Come join us to learn all about everyday security!


  • Typical bumps you will encounter while using the internet
  • How to identify issues and get help
  • Computer security risks


Future of Business Systems

Tom Okon, Beth Corry, and Gary Pacer

Beth Corry, Financial Services
Susan Krzystofiak, Human Resources
Tom Okon, Business Reporting and Systems
Gary Pacer, Enterprise Application Services

What is the Business Systems Transformation project?  You are invited to this session to gain a better understanding of the improvements underway.


  • Plans for eliminating paper-based processes
  • How we anticipate improving data available for reporting
  • How we are developing a comprehensive security model


Project Sunlight and Its Impact on UB Procurements

Mike Maute

Michael Maute, University Business Services

Project Sunlight is a component of the NYS Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011 requiring state entities, including UB, to report certain meetings with vendors to an Office of General Services website.


  • What meetings are required to be reported
  • Who is responsible for reporting the occurrences and how to report them
  • How you can minimize the number of meetings that must be reported


Special Events Registration Services and Websites

Sara Harvey and Amy Veiders

Sara Harvey and Amy Veiders, Office of Special Events

Did you know that the Office of Special Events offers registration services that include customizable online registration websites?  These services are available for your events, ranging from a one-time seminar to annual workshops, conferences, or dinners. 


  • How we can make your job easier by automating online registration, including collection of registration fees, demographic information, and meal choices
  • How we can provide a password-protected registration website with administrative access allowing you to view registrants
  • Other available services, reports, and features