ATTAIN LAB (Advanced Technology Training And Information Networking)

ATTAIN is a statewide technology initiative funded by the New York State Legislature. ATTAIN provides underserved and economically challenged communities across New York state access to new technologies, education, and technology training.

ATTAIN also provides local departments of social services an opportunity to increase their TANF/FA and TANF 200% participation rates. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology, ATTAIN labs offer over 30 occupational, academic, and self-development courses. ATTAIN provides TANF/FA and TANF 200% eligible individuals with the ability to:

  • receive personalized pre-employment and job readiness training.
  • increase employment opportunities and wages by using high-quality vocational, customer service, and life management software.
  • supplement work experience by enrolling in basic skills, ESL, HSE, and computer literacy sessions.
  • initiate online job searches.
  • prepare and submit resumes to potential employers electronically.

ATTAIN also promotes digital inclusion through the use of Microsoft's Digital Literacy, Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum, and Microsoft IT Academy "industry-recognized" certifications to prepare individuals for career paths in Information Technology. These IT skills provide individuals the framework to function responsibly in an increasingly demanding technological world.


Are you preparing for the TASC exam or getting ready to enter college? Improve your skills in the ATTAIN Lab!

Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies,English As A Second Language (ESL)


Learn skills needed to erform basic, intermediate, and advanced tasks using a computer!

Microsoft Digital Literacy, Computer Basics, Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Skills

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications

Get your resume noticed with industry-recognized certifications in Microsoft 2013 Programs!

MS Word , MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook, MS Access, MOS Master

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

IT Infrastructure, Database Development

Career Exploration

Nursing Assistant Preparation, Child Care Preparation, Customer Service, Building Maintenance, Security Officer Training