ATTAIN LAB (Advanced Technology Training And Information Networking)

ATTAIN is a statewide technology initiative funded by the New York State Legislature. ATTAIN provides underserved and economically challenged communities across New York state access to new technologies, education, and technology training.

The ATTAIN lab is an open computer lab that offers:

  • Computer workshops
  • Microsoft Certifications
  • Academic, Technical, Employability and Life Skills training
  • Help with resumes, cover letters, and job applications

ATTAIN also promotes digital inclusion through the use of Microsoft's Digital Literacy, Unlimited Potential Community Learning Curriculum, and Microsoft IT Academy "industry-recognized" certifications to prepare individuals for career paths in Information Technology. These IT skills provide individuals the framework to function responsibly in an increasingly demanding technological world.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications MOS Word 2013 MOS Excel 2013 MOS PowerPoint 2013 MOS Outlook 2013 MOS Access 2013 MOS Expert Word 2013 MOS Expert Excel 2013 MOS Master
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications

Get your resume noticed with industry-recognized certifications in Microsoft Office 2013 Programs.

Word - Excel - PowerPoint - Outlook - Access - Expert Word - Expert Excel - MOS Master

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certifications - July 2017 to June 2018

  1. Arash, Mohammad J. – MOS Excel 2013, MOS PowerPoint 2013, MOS Outlook 2013
  2. Barrett, Karen - MOS Word 2013
  3. Bhuiyan, Ratna Rahman – MOS Excel 2013, MOS PowerPoint 2013
  4. Brown, Sydney - MOS PowerPoint 2013
  5. Brown, Waymon - MOS PowerPoint 2013, MOS Word 2013
  6. Casal, Rebecca – MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  7. Castro, Nicole – MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  8. Chandra, Unjali – MOS PowerPoint 2013
  9. Dmytrasz, Jerry W. – MOS PowerPoint 2013
  10. Fischer, Nicole – MOS Word 2013, MOS PowerPoint 2013, MOS Excel 2013
  11. Gillet, Katelyn – MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  12. Hardy, Meghan – MOS Access 2013
  13. Hamoudi, Hussain – MTA: Software Development Fundamentals, MTA: Database Administration Fundamentals
  14. Johnson, Tanisha – MOS Excel 2013
  15. Kabir, Syeda – MOS Excel 2013, MOS PowerPoint 2013
  16. Kanehl, Barbara – MOS PowerPoint 2013, MOS Excel 2013, MOS Word 2013
  17. Kemnitzer, Serena M. – MOS Word 2013
  18. Kreppel, Bradley – MOS Excel 2013
  19. Light, Silver -  MOS Word 2013, MOS Word 2013 Expert, MOS Excel 2013
  20. Piskorowski, Felix – MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  21. Porter, Elhanna – MOS Access 2013
  22. Postles, Michael – MTA: Networking Fundamentals
  23. Reiner, Julius – MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals
  24. Torres, Jorge - MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals, Windows Server Administration Fundamentals
  25. Wiedrick, John – MTA: Windows Operating System Fundamentals

Are you preparing for the TASC exam or getting ready to enter college? Improve your skills in the ATTAIN Lab.

Mathematics, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, English As A Second Language (ESL)


Learn skills needed to perform basic, intermediate, and advanced tasks using a computer.

Microsoft Digital Literacy, Computer Basics, Microsoft Office 2013, Internet Skills

Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA)

Start building a career in technology. Demonstrate your fundamental technology knowledge in Microsoft technologies with a MTA Certification.

IT Infrastructure - Networking Fundamentals, Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals, Security Fundamentals, Windows Server Fundamentals.

Database - Database Fundamentals.

Developer - Cloud Fundamentals, HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals, Windows Mobility and Device Fundamentals, Software Developer Fundamentals.

Career Exploration

Find out which careers interest you most. The ATTAIN lab offers introductory courses which can help students prepare for vocational educational programs.

Nursing Assistant, Carpentry, Electrical, Plumbing, Child Care, Home Care, Customer Service, Office Skills, Typing Skills, Building Maintenance, Security Guard Prep.